Randy to the Rescue: Home gym for an advanced workout
Submitted by Katelyn Supa on Wed, 01/16/2013 - 7:17pm.

video Last week it was the basic building blocks of a home gym. This week, Randy Aldridge is back at US Fitness where Chris Haller shows off some do-it-all home gyms for a more advanced workout.

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"And the Winner is..." BEST LOCAL GYM
Submitted by Scott Pickey on Fri, 01/07/2011 - 6:00pm.

video This week, And the Winner Is... wanted to know, who has the BEST LOCAL GYM in the area? Here's how the votes weighed in:
CrossFit Coastal - 49%
CrossFit Wilmington - 19%
Wilmington Athletic Club - 10%

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