Marshall Hudson Doran (Photo: New Hanover County Jail)
4 hours ago
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Victim’s family files lawsuit against Marshall Doran and parents

Two years to the day Mary Cochran died in a fire at Carolina Beach, her daughter filed a lawsuit against the man who set it.
3 weeks ago
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Widow sues to prevent release of husband’s jail death video

The wife of an inmate who died in custody at the Greenwood County jail has sued the local newspaper, sheriff and coroner to prevent officials from releasing video footage of the last hour of his life.
4 weeks ago
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Trump’s lawyers file lawsuit over early-voting hours

It could be the first lawsuit of Election Day. Donald Trump's campaign is alleging polling place "anomalies" during early voting in the Las Vegas area last week.
5 months ago
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District attorney sues 2 Market Street hotels

The New Hanover County District Attorney's Office entered a Consent Judgement with the owners of two Market Street hotels.
7 months ago
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Judge: Women can sue Uber over alleged driver sex assaults

A federal judge says two women who allege that Uber drivers sexually assaulted them, one in Boston and the other in South Carolina, can sue the ride-hailing company.
7 months ago
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Former assistant police chief describes being fired

A former assistant police chief in Mocksville says he was at home sick when the man who was promoted over him arrived at his house to tell him he had been fired.
Photo: MGN Online
7 months ago
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Fired Mocksville police officers’ case goes to federal court

Three officers who say they were fired for telling state officials about corruption within the Mocksville Police Department will finally have their case heard by a jury.
8 months ago
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Man sues Kanye West, Tidal, over new album

A Kanye West fan is suing over the rapper's claim that his latest album would only be available to subscribers of the music streaming service Tidal.
US Army
8 months ago
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Army grants Sikh enlistees waiver to its beard policy

The Army has ruled that three Sikh enlistees will be allowed to serve while keeping their distinctive beards and turbans.
Hulk Hogan (Photo: Miguel Discart/MGN)
9 months ago
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Gawker exec predicts Hulk Hogan verdict will be overturned

A top Gawker Media executive says the company expects a jury's multi-million dollar award in a sex video case will be overturned by an appeals court.