New Year's Resolutions
Basile takes to the streets to see who's keeping, breaking resolutions
Submitted by Allyson Lorick on Fri, 01/24/2014 - 11:15am.

videoAt the beginning of every new year, all the buzz is about making resolutions and promises to do something differently, with the chance to start fresh.

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Meet your goals in 2014
Submitted by Ashley Jacobs on Mon, 01/13/2014 - 8:20am.

videoWhether you're trying to quit smoking or struggling to improve your eating habits. Meeting goals can be tough. A local counselor says there are three basic principles you can apply to your life to meet any goal.

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Use these tips to get organized in 2014
Submitted by Ashley Jacobs on Thu, 01/09/2014 - 9:40am.

videoGetting organized is easy, especially when you have the help of a professional organizer. Check out these simple tips from Simple Spaces organizer Melissa Capps.

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Staying on Track: Keep your New Year's resolution to get fit
Submitted by Randy Aldridge on Wed, 01/08/2014 - 7:09am.

videoStaying on track with your New Year's Resolution to get fit is a little easier with advice from Personal Trainer Brian Knox. He recommends setting simple and achievable goals to make sure you are successful and adds that your should make your reasons for getting fit personal such as a wedding or to be more active with your kids. Finally, remember don't get frustrated and you will see results over time.

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Staying on Track: Keep your New Year's resolution to eat healthy
Submitted by Randy Aldridge on Tue, 01/07/2014 - 7:21am.

videoStick to your New Year's resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle by eating right. Diane Boyd, nutritionist, has three key tips to kick your plan to eat better into high gear.

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GMC Style Stop: What's trending for 2014?
Submitted by Ashley Jacobs on Mon, 01/06/2014 - 11:34am.

videoStylist Jessica De Vault tests the GMC team on their style smarts. Check out how they did and play along from home. You may be surprised to learn what trends are coming in 2014.

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Port City residents hope for change in 2014
Submitted by Holden Kurwicki on Wed, 01/01/2014 - 10:01pm.

videoAs the ball drops on the New Year many say that 2013 isn’t the only thing they hope to say goodbye to.

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Resolved to get in shape? Be patient
Submitted by Brandon Taylor on Wed, 01/01/2014 - 4:27pm.

video Getting in shape is among the top New Year's resolutions nationwide, but often times this popular goal is a hard one to keep. Many gyms are offering incentives like membership discounts or programs to get people in the door.

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Randy to the Rescue: Home gym for an advanced workout
Submitted by Katelyn Supa on Wed, 01/16/2013 - 7:17pm.

video Last week it was the basic building blocks of a home gym. This week, Randy Aldridge is back at US Fitness where Chris Haller shows off some do-it-all home gyms for a more advanced workout.

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Great workouts using items in your own home
Submitted by Ashley Jacobs on Thu, 01/10/2013 - 7:18am.

video Exercise on a dime! A personal trainer shows Good Morning Carolina anchor Ashley Jacobs how to get a full gym workout using items you already have at home

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