4 months ago
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NSA contractor who allegedly stole top secret info ‘more weirdo than whistleblower,’ officials say

The National Security Agency contractor who federal authorities say took Top Secret information from the NSA is being described as "more weirdo than whistleblower," senior officials told ABC News.
6 months ago
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The NSA is likely ‘hacking back’ Russia’s cyber squads

U.S. government hackers at the National Security Agency are likely targeting Russian government-linked hacking teams to see once and for all if they’re responsible for the massive breach at the Democratic National Committee, according to three former senior intelligence officials. It’s a job that the current head of the NSA’s elite hacking unit said they’ve […]
2 years ago
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Congress sends NSA phone collection bill to president

Congress has sent legislation to the president reviving and remaking a disputed post-9/11 surveillance program two days after letting it temporarily expire.
Sen. Richard Burr (Photo: WWAY)
2 years ago
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Burr says Patriot Act doesn’t violate American’s privacy

For 50 years the Memorial Day celebration has happened on the USS North Carolina. The history of the ship not lost on Republican Sen. Richard Burr.
NC State wins $60 million NSA data partnership
3 years ago
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NC State wins $60 million NSA data partnership

North Carolina State University has won a $60 million federal contract to partner with the National Security Agency on a new center dedicated to researching the challenges of collecting, sorting and storing massive amounts of computer data.