Public Housing
WPD and WHA differ on how much crime has decreased in public housing
Submitted by WWAY on Fri, 05/02/2014 - 4:03pm.

videoWe received two news releases this afternoon highlighting how much crime has gone down over the last six months in Wilmington's public housing. In the first, the Wilmington Housing Authority said it was down 74%. But then the Wilmington Police Department quickly sent a follow-up news release saying it was down 51%.

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City Council denies rezoning for Pine Valley public housing
Submitted by Marissa Jasek on Tue, 05/01/2012 - 10:08pm.

Wilmington City Council voted against the proposed rezoning to build Section 8 senior living housing in the Pine Valley neighborhood. Though they voted 4-2, city council needed a supermajority of five votes to approve the rezoning because of protest petitions.

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Residents petition against public housing in their backyard
Submitted by Cliff Pyron on Mon, 04/30/2012 - 3:50pm.

video Many Pine Valley residents are up in arms over a possible rezoning vote. The Wilmington Housing Authority wants to build public housing off John Barry Drive and 17th street. Nearby property owners are not happy and they're letting city council know it.

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Wilmington Housing Authority approves $66,000 for grills and picnic tables at public housing
Submitted by Marissa Jasek on Tue, 07/26/2011 - 10:21pm.

The Wilmington Housing Authority approved spending $66,000 on community amenities including barbecue grills for public housing units, but are also allowing residents to own their own grills.

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Section 8 recipients fear moving to Creekwood
Submitted by WWAY on Thu, 10/30/2008 - 5:27pm.

videoAs we first told you Thursday, the Wilmington Housing Authority is looking for people currently receiving Section 8 housing assistance to voluntarily give up their vouchers, and move into public housing.

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