Trader Joe's
Traffic moves as Trader Joe's opens
Submitted by IE on Fri, 11/30/2012 - 1:26pm.

video Traffic was expected to be backed up at Trader Joe's at College and Oleander, but cars seemed to be flowing normally through Wilmington's busiest intersection.

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Sneak peek of new Trader Joe's
Submitted by Cacky Catlett on Tue, 11/27/2012 - 10:29pm.

video A grocery store with some Hawaiian flare is set to open this week in Wilmington.

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Applications now accepted at Trader Joe's
Submitted by Katie Harden on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 4:46pm.

The new Trader Joe's grocery store on Oleander and College in Wilmington is accepting applications for workers when the store opens next month. Job seekers lined up outside the store today for a chance to apply for the available positions. Most said they decided to apply because they like the culture the store creates.

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Stores pull peanut butter, other spreads after salmonella scare
Submitted by Holden Kurwicki on Tue, 10/02/2012 - 3:56pm.

video Peanut butter lovers listen up. A jar of your favorite spread could make you sick. Fears of salmonella contamination has one of the nation's largest manufacturers of peanut butter pulling its products.

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Trader Joe's starts work on Wilmington store
Submitted by WWAY on Wed, 05/09/2012 - 4:17pm.

It's official: Trader Joe's is coming to Wilmington.

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Whole Foods set to open, as upscale grocery trend continues in Wilmington
Submitted by Cliff Pyron on Tue, 05/08/2012 - 3:50pm.

Upscale grocery stores have begun popping up across the Port City. The newest is the Whole Foods on Oleander Drive, which is scheduled to open later this month. Representatives from their competition say they welcome the challenge.

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Report: Building Trader Joe's on College & Oleander wouldn't make traffic worse
Submitted by WWAY on Tue, 02/07/2012 - 4:08pm.

Building a Trader Joe's in the empty lot on College and Oleander wouldn't cause much more congestion says a study done for the city.

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ONLY ON 3: Addition of high-end business sign of economy recovery in Wilmington
Submitted by Marcy Cuevas on Thu, 01/19/2012 - 4:50pm.

video The Wilmington of the future will look a little different than it does today. Two high-end businesses are coming, and it appears another well-known national chain wants to set up shop here. All this despite the state of the economy.

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Trader Joe's joining Whole Foods in Wilmington
Submitted by WWAY on Fri, 12/16/2011 - 3:27pm.

Trader Joe's has submitted plans to build a new 13,000-square-foot store at the corner of South College Road and Oleander Drive, according to the Wilmington StarNews.

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