Zibree Brawley-Washington (right) Damian Gore (left) (Photo: Wilmington Police)
1 hour ago
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Wilmington Police charge 2 for separate murders

Wilmington Police charged two people with two separate murders this week.
Credit: Amy K. Nelson
15 hours ago
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EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Writing ‘Outside the Lines’

An investigative sports writer for ESPN calls Wilmington home. He stumbled upon the Cape Fear while on assignment for the network and decided that he didn't want to leave.
Justin Walker and Rebecca Jones  (Photo: Facebook)
15 hours ago
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911 call, autopsy report reveal more about Wilmington murder-suicide

Wilmington police say an autopsy report determined 23-year-old Rebecca Jones was strangled to death Monday by her former fiance Justin Walker.
Hurricane Matthew Red Cross shelter in Whiteville. (Photo: Dustin Dorsey/WWAY)
19 hours ago
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Family says they are being ‘forced out’ of Whiteville shelter

Shelters opened to help families displaced from their homes during Hurricane Matthew. Now, more than two weeks later, some people still don't have a place to go.
Photo of stolen golf cart 
 (Photo: Bladenboro Police Department)
1 min ago
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Reward offered for stolen golf cart

Bladenboro police are searching for the person who stole a golf cart.
19 mins ago
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Justin Timberlake: ‘I had no idea’ voting selfie was illegal

Justin Timberlake has some advice for taking part in the presidential election next month: Vote, but don't take a selfie while you're doing it.
26 mins ago
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Phelps secretly took plunge in June, marrying girlfriend

Michael Phelps took the plunge in June, secretly marrying his longtime girlfriend two months before the Olympic great completed his last gold-medal haul.
56 mins ago
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N Carolina NAACP convention held as early-voting continues

The North Carolina state NAACP is holding its state convention even as the civil rights organization and its allies are involved in encouraging turnout during early in-person voting.
Transition Fair at CFCC Union Station (Photo: Taylor Yakowenko/WWAY)
2 hours ago
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Transition Fair hopes to provide opportunities for students with disabilities

Today at CFCC's Union Station students with disabilities from New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender counties got a chance to plan for their futures at the sixth annual Transitions Fair.
(Photo: Leland Police Department)
2 hours ago
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Leland police searching for larceny suspect

Leland police hope you can help them identify the woman in this surveillance photo.
David Holt and Julie Floyd (Photo: Columbus County Sheriff's Office)
3 hours ago
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Meth lab found in camper in Columbus County

Two people face charges, after an investigation led to a math lab on Swamp Fox Highway East in Tabor City.
Ivanka Trump applauds from the floor of the Republican National Convention on July 19, 2016. (Photo: Ida Mae Astute/ABC/CC BY-ND 2.0)
4 hours ago
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Trump children weigh in on family business

Donald Trump's oldest children opened up about their views of the family business in light of the latest Trump hotel property that officially opened this week in Washington, D.C.
4 hours ago
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OPERATION GRIDLOCK: Most congested roads in Wilmington area

Surely the road you drive each day, where you sit and wait for seemingly endless traffic, must be the most congested in the Wilmington area.