Scene where a car crashed into a Shallotte pond early Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016. (Photo: Sarah Johnson/WWAY)
2 hours ago
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Teen identified in deadly Shallotte crash

Officials have released the name of the 13-year-old killed in a Brunswick County crash.
(Photo: MGN)
3 hours ago
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Cole Bros. Circus not part of NC Azalea Festival this year

A long-time tradition that comes with the annual North Carolina Azalea Festival fun won't return to Wilmington this year.
Megan Williamson speaks to WWAY. Photo By: Alexa Block/WWAY
13 hours ago
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ONLY ON 3: Woman says license plate office staff altered her check without her permission

A Columbus County woman said a license plate agency stole from her.
Photo: Matt Ham and his kids
15 hours ago
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Perspective is a giant. What one person loves another may hate. Case in point, Cam Newton. A lot of people disagree with Cam Newton's response to losing the Super Bowl. Heck, people hated him all year for celebrating wins. But we've seen countless family photos of those family dabbing on game day and when a kid gets a game ball, their smile lights up the stadium.
A father and son in Ireland retrieve CFCC's Marlin Spikin' Miller (Photo: CFCC)
10 mins ago
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CFCC’s research boat reaches Ireland

An unmanned research vessel launched by students at Cape Fear Community College has completed its trip across the pond.
Neat Streets program is a new plan for encouraging proper disposal of cigarette butts. (PHOTO: Boston Herald, City of Boston)
4 hours ago
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Boston program allows smokers to vote with their butts

The city of Boston is trying to rid the streets of unsightly cigarette butts by placing special receptacles in high traffic areas that will allow smokers to vote on a simple question.
(Photo: CNN)
5 hours ago
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Why social media is going crazy for ‘Bernie Sandwiches’

When Senator and democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders accidentally and hilariously became Bernie "Sandwhiches," the appetite for the Senator's new nickname grew.
Kevin Keatts held a brief media session at UNCW on February 10, 2016. (Photo: John Rendleman/WWAY)
13 hours ago
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Can UNCW break school record for consecutive wins tonight?

The red hot UNCW men’s basketball team returns home on Thursday night to open a two-game homestand when Elon visits Trask Coliseum.
Mark Briggs
15 hours ago
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Meet Mark Briggs, the new head coach of the Wilmington Hammerheads

The Wilmington Hammerheads held a meet and greet on Wednesday night in downtown Wilmington on Wednesday night. We stopped by.
Jeb Bush (Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr/MGN)
15 hours ago
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Bush says he won’t blame Obama for problems

Here's the latest on the 2016 presidential race as Republican and Democratic candidates head from New Hampshire to South Carolina and beyond.