Jon David
B.J. Wright pleads guilty, heads to prison for 12.5-17 years
Submitted by Katie Harden on Thu, 12/20/2012 - 5:13pm.

videoEarlier this week a judge gave B.J. Wright a nearly $4 million bond. On his way out of the courtroom Wright reportedly told a bailiff, "I'll be home by Christmas." But today he found out he won't be going home any time soon.

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Man dies during business robbery in Calabash
Submitted by Holden Kurwicki on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 11:56pm.

video A man is dead after an early-morning robbery near Calabash, but the circumstances surrounding his death have investigators working overtime.

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ONLY ON 3: DA not sure if he'll retry Chadbourn manager
Submitted by Holden Kurwicki on Mon, 10/22/2012 - 3:55pm.

video A trial 18 months in the making came to a head Friday. Now both the prosecution and defense are left wondering what's next. Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox finally had his day in court last week, but Cox said his life is still on hold after a mistrial left a cloud hanging over his head.

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Judge shuts down Columbus County nightclub
Submitted by WWAY on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 3:25pm.

A judge today shut down a Columbus County nightclub that prosecutors say has been the site of violent crimes, including a fatal shooting.

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FIRST ON 3: BSL mayor surrenders after warrants issued, attorney responds
Submitted by WWAY on Mon, 10/01/2012 - 10:46pm.

Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor Richard White turned himself in this morning after a woman took out warrants against him for three counts of sexual battery and one count of assault on a female.

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FIRST ON 3: DA asks for special prosecutor to investigate allegations against BSL mayor
Submitted by WWAY on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 11:07am.

Brunswick County's District Attorney has asked for a special prosecutor to handle the investigation into the mayor of Boiling Spring Lakes who used to work for him.

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ONLY ON 3: SBI done with Leland PD probe
Submitted by Marissa Jasek on Tue, 08/07/2012 - 10:59pm.

The SBI is done with its investigation into the Leland Police Department, but the results have not been finalized.

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As habitual drunk driver goes to prison, DWI court goes away
Submitted by Katie Harden on Thu, 07/26/2012 - 3:55pm.

video A Brunswick County man may spend more than a decade behind bars for driving drunk again and again. District Attorney Jon David says the county's DWI court is to thank for Wilbur Brown's sentence, but the program faces the chopping block.

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SBI investigating BSL police chief
Submitted by Marissa Jasek on Mon, 06/11/2012 - 4:21pm.

The State Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations against Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Emmett Ballree. SBI spokeswoman Noelle Talley confirmed the investigation, which she said was request by a Superior Court judge and the District Attorney.

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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Fair Bluff police chief out of jail
Submitted by Cliff Pyron on Wed, 05/09/2012 - 10:51pm.

video Fair Bluff's police chief is in hot water after being charged with selling drugs on the job. The district attorney says officers arrested Marty Lewis yesterday while he was taking part of a drug-deal on duty and in uniform.

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