Pender County Emergency Management
Pender County Emergency Management hosts hurricane expo
Submitted by Helen Holt on Sat, 07/12/2014 - 5:33pm.

videoSoutheastern North Carolina feels the impact of almost every hurricane that occurs along the east coast. For Pender County Emergency Management holding a hurricane expo was important for everyone.

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Pender Co. prepares for Irene as tourists decide what to do
Submitted by Ramon Herrera on Wed, 08/24/2011 - 4:10pm.

video The threat of the Hurricane Irene has people keeping a close eye on the storm, including vacationers and emergency management in Pender County.

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Pender County in good financial shape despite storm
Submitted by Ramon Herrera on Wed, 01/12/2011 - 6:58pm.

video Keeping you safe during the snowstorm and other weather events is not free. Counties have to pay for the equipment, materials, and of course the man power. Often times people don't stop and think what something may cost when they are in a time of need. The fact is that the emergency services used this past week cost money and can affect a county's budget.

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No more rain, plenty of standing water
Submitted by Chris Allen on Mon, 10/04/2010 - 2:17pm.

video Water fell from the sky, but now it's rising from the river. The Northeast Cape Fear River is expected to crest. That will only create more flood concerns in Pender County.

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