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NHC Animal Control Shelter has Saturday hours cut

Another impact from New Hanover County budget cuts started Saturday. The NHC Animal Control Shelter no longer has Saturday hours. Animal control officers will continue to provide emergency response on the weekends, but doors will be closed to the public as well as staff. Other rescue shelters understand the need to cut costs, but worry closing the county shelter on Saturdays could hurt adoptions. “I think it could hurt, possibly the families, like I said, that want to adopt Saturday morning. On a family type day to go and adopt a pet, it's a wonderful thing and what are the families going to do that can't take off during the week or children that are in school,” said Teresa Rodgers of Carolina Boxer Rescue. If you want to adopt a pet on the weekend, you can contact one of the few rescue shelters in the county or the Humane Society. Adopting is a good way to help control the pet population.

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Once again we have people

Once again we have people who don't really consider the ramifications of what they do. Close a weekday. Not Saturday. That is the largest adoption day for pets.

Shelter closing on Sat.

In order to encourage more adoptions as well as give pet owners a better chance to view and hopefully reclaim their pets, the shelter should stay open on Sat. and close perhaps on Monday. Many shelters around the country are finding this to be a workable solution. Please reconsider the ramifications of closing on Saturdays. Thank you.

Stay open on Sat.

I couldn't agree more. They should close down one day of the week and stay open on Saturday because so many people can't come to adopt an animal during the week because they are working. If they have children then they are in school during the week hours. It would be such a shame for the homeless animals if they missed out on the opportunity to be adopted into a loving home because of business hours! PLEASE RECONSIDER THE HOURS!!!

This is the craziest thing I

This is the craziest thing I have ever heard of! Close one day during the week, why on earth would you close on the one day of the week that families have available to look at prospective pets? The more the shelter can be open the more chances for a dog/cat to be adopted. Just does not make any sense.