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NHC Commissioners to decide on property taxes

New Hanover County Commissioners are closing in on a tough decision. Monday morning they will vote for, or against, raising property taxes as part of the county's budget. Currently the rate is 45.25 cents per one-hundred dollars of value. The budget also includes an overall eight percent decrease in operating expenses. That is about $21 million in cuts. This all stems from the county having to play catch up from a previous budget shortfall and a decline in revenues from the sales tax. Out of five commissioners, three have said they will not vote for a property tax rate increase, including Commissioner Bill Caster. He said increasing the tax rate would be devastating to residents already on tight budgets. "I just feel like enough is enough. We can't afford to have another tax increase, particularly looking at what may be coming down further from the state," he said. With the state already proposing a state-wide sales tax increase, caster said the county will have to find other ways to make up for the shortfall.

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I for one can't afford a tax

I for one can't afford a tax increase on my home. I am already to the limit with the increase for the H/O insurance for this area. I would hate to see some of the services go but still have to agree that enough is enough. If the museum can't get by so be it. Charge admission to compensate. Or look for donations. I would hate to lose it but can stand that more than an increase in my taxes. It would be hard to make a difference between the people who own their homes for primary residences vs. those who have second homes. How do you do that?

What's a few dollars to the wealthy?

Why not jack the taxes up on property taxes? There are plenty of services that will have to be cut if there is no tax increase. For instance the Cameron Art Museum, the Wilmington Film Commission, the various agencies working with children with sexual identity problems and Thalian Hall's ability to present various theatrical shows will all suffer. Those with second homes at the beaches are the ones who can spare the most and should be taking the majority of the tax burden. Renters and the less economically stable home owners are barely getting by. How an you put a price on art, on the movie industry, how can you turn your back on kids who are bullied and ridiculed for their sexual orientation? We have to protect what we got and those who have the most should carry the load. "To much who is given, much is required"

"children who are bullied

"children who are bullied for their sexual orientation?" Did most of us even have a program like this funded when we were in school?


Cameron Art Museum ? Suffer? You do know that the Cameron's own half of Wilmington right?