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NHC to cut back on school nurses

The New Hanover County school system is trying to figure out how to cut their budget. One idea is to reduce the hours, and numbers, of school nurses. Right now, the New Hanover County school system employs 36 school nurses. Some nurses who currently work full-time may have their hours cut once the new budget is approved. Another cost-reducing idea is having schools that are close together share nurses. None of the plans are sure things, but the budget will be trimmed. “We’re trying to adjust at their request to the amount of money that they think that they can give us at this point, which is not finalized so we're working on a plan on our end, essentially crunching numbers trying to make sure that we can cover all the schools with nursing services to the best that we can,” said Janet McCumbee, the NHC public health division manager. One thing's for sure according to Janet McCumbee, New Hanover County will be providing less nursing coverage for the next school year than the current school year. At this point, she just doesn't know how much less it will be.

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We live in Brunswick county

We live in Brunswick county and it was a miracle that the school nurse was on hand when my autistic son had a seizure on the bus when he got to school one morning about a month ago. I'm not sure what would have happened if she hadn't been there. It's a very bad idea to cut back on school nursing hours.

This is really sad. My son's

This is really sad. My son's school actually has a full time nurse, which is almost unheard of now. I'll be very sorry if she's one of the ones with her hours cut.


What are the children who take medications on a daily basis supposed to do? According to school policies, the medications can only be administered by a nurse! My son has severe asthma and must use an inhaler prior to any physical activity. Who will be there to administer the medications?

Yet again it...

Turns into another responsibility for teachers! I work in an area where we share nurses between 5 different schools. We only have her (on a good week) two mornings a week. There is no substitute if she’s sick. In the few years I’ve been teaching, I have handled over 12 inhalers and 3 ADHD meds, along with Epi-pens. This is even beyond the every day taking temperatures, cuts, scrapes, and handling throw up. This year I have a student with a very dangerous medical disorder. It scares me to death that one day this child will have an accident and that I will be responsible for his care. We as teachers are responsible for any duty that involves our students, down to changing a colostomy bag (yeah, it really happens). I hope New Hanover County thinks long and hard before it cuts too many nurses. When you have so many children in such a small area for such a large part of the day, certified medical help is a must. Teachers don’t have an RN after their name!