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NHC deputies seize cocaine and cash in drug bust

New Hanover County deputies seized more than a quarter million dollars in cocaine and cash Thursday. The bust took place in the 300 block of South College Road around 11:00 a.m. They grabbed two and a half kilos of cocaine and about $40,000 in cash. Deputies detained several people for questioning.Deu “We consider this a major drug dealer to this area - New Hanover County. So any time that we're able to get any kind of drugs off the street, chalk one up for the good guys,” said Sheriff Ed McMahon. New Hanover County Sheriff's Department is working with at least one other law enforcement agency. Sheriff McMahon said the investigation continues.

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Thats alot of cocaine seized by the sheriffs dept

Good job NHSD Vice. Thats alot of cocaine off the streets. I wish the WPD would work more drug cases. The city is full of dope dealers.

The city works more street drug cases

The WPD and Sheriff's dept both work drug cases. WPD works more street drug dealers. The Sheriffs dept seems to work the higher ups. Probably because the city is full of street corner thugs selling dope. It is probably a good balance. It seems from what Chief Evangelous said on the ask the Chief segment, the two departments will be working closer together. Thats good for everyone.

WPD v NHC narcs

I'd be willing to bet there are more drug dealers sent to prison for more time in the city than what the scavangers come up with in the county. The county is more about the money they can seize than getting the dealers off the streets. Anyone will tell you that. But it is a good bust, Let's do more of it though. Any takers on whether or not these traffickers are illegals or not?

WPD has a narcotics unit?

All they do is take hand offs from street oficers and the SBI. They have may be one or two detectives that have the ability to make their own cases. Officers often call the Sheriffs narcotics guys because they follow up on our information..unlike our own detectives. The Sheriffs dept narcotics unit is hands down better then ours...period.

who's anyone

You say anyone would tell you that the Sheriffs office seizes more money then WPD. Who is that? So the Sheriffs dept seizes alot of cash. Doesn't the WPD? The New Hanover co Sheriff's dept has always had the most progressive narcotics unit in the county. Everyone knows that. They are the drug unit of the county. WPD chases the SBI around. Heck, ask any WPD street officer if they can get a WPD narc to follow up an investigation. I'd rather follow up on a lead then ask a fellow WPD narc to assist. They are lazy.

re: wpd vs. nhc narcs

I don't know, but would be interested in how you can prove this statement

Take dope dealers money

The WPD needs to seize the assets of these dope dealers like the New Hanover county Sheriff's dept does. If what you say is true "The county is more about the money they can seize than getting the dealers off the streets. Anyone will tell you that", then WPD needs to learn how to work dope and take a page out of the Sherifs Dept book. Anyone who has worked dope for enough time to give an informed answer would tell you that taking a dopers money and assets is the way to cut the head off the snake. When the dopers money is seized, he can't pay his supplier or buy more dope. Everyone up the chain, doesn't get to pay the guy above him. It causes more grief then you could imagine. A monkey wrench into the plan so to speak. I applaud any agency who takes money and assets away from dopers and put's it back into tools that fight crime. That only helps the community. I'm sure the district attorney's office see's that all involved are charged and sentenced accordingly. At least that's how we did it up north..LOL!!


I would assume by your comments that you are employed by the city. It is this type of "ours is better then yours" thought system that will continue to cause issues with the city/county Law Enforcement. I do not see why all of you can not work together. Everyone is after the same results. It seems to me that someone always has to say,they did a good job buy...we do better. get over it and let the public reap the benifits of law enforcement that works together.

The city Narcs have always focused on corner dealers and guns

WPD narcs have always been about street level dealers. The county seizes more dope then the pd and thats a fact. We just work more on the corners and rely on patrol officers to make cases. Stats don't lie. Heck, I'm proud of what we do, but anyone involved in law enforcement in Wilmington know the Sheriff's narcotic unit is more aggressive and productive in terms of bigger dope.

Both narc units serve a purpose

Both the WPD and NHSD serve valuable roles in combating drug dealers. The Sheriffs dept focuses on bigger players with more dope and assets to seize. The WPD goes after street dealers and those with gun offenses. Equally important are both. In the end, it is a good balance. No need to question whether one's philosophy is better then the others.