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NHC deputies urge motorists to Click-it-or-Ticket

READ MORE: NHC deputies urge motorists to Click-it-or-Ticket
Nearly 500 unbuckled motorists died in North Carolina last year, a number New Hanover Sheriff's Department is trying to lower with their Click-it-or-Ticket campaign. Wearing your seatbelt has been proven to save lives; it's just a matter of getting motorists to strap themselves in. One by one, seatbelt violators were spotted… and ticketed by the NHC Sheriff’s Department. “It was pretty bad to jump in the car without my seatbelt buckled, and I got caught,” said seatbelt violator Roger Baker. "I would like to think I’m saving lives, one traffic stop at a time,” said Deputy Sutton. It may seem like a minor traffic violation to some, but putting on your belt when behind the wheel can be a matter of life and death. The first thing you should do when you get in your car is put your seatbelt on; otherwise, you could be facing a fine of up to 100 dollars. From March 30 to April 5th of this year, deputies in New Hanover issued nearly 40 seatbelt violations. NHC sheriff deputies are saying “Click-it-or-Ticket" to drivers, and passengers too. Deputies will be on the lookout through the end of the month. New Hanover County Sheriff's Department is joining other law enforcement across the state to enforce seatbelt use.

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Odd Law

I've never understood this law. I mean I understand the need perhaps for Children to have to wear seatbelts, but for Adults it should be their choice. If they chose to make a stupid decision and risk their life, it's their own fault. Why have a law protecting stupidity?

The law protects the wallets

The law protects the wallets of all the tax payers from the stupid drivers. If you don't wear your seatbelt and get in an accident, taxpayers pick up part of the bill - from EMS to police and fire services. I personally don't want to pay for your stupidity. Plus, the more injured you are the longer it takes them to get you off the street and out of my way to get to work to pay the part of the bill you're still making me pay.

Right v. Privilege

I think you’re forgetting that driving in North Carolina is a privilege not a right. Therefore, the state can impose restrictions on that privilege. Don’t like the law, don’t drive.

Seatbelt violations

THis is one of the easiest ways to save your live.Next time you get a chance to talk to someone to in emergency services( Fire EMS LEO) ask them.Let them tell you some horror storys of accidents that involve people that didn't were their seat belts.It is not a good site when you roll up and you hear someone was ejected from the vehicle and they are under the car, in a ditch or wrapped around a tree.It would have only taken a few seconds to fasten the seatbelt.They are called SAFETY Belts for a reason.