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NHC high schoolers given dress code

There will be some sharp-dressed students in New Hanover County high schools next year. Students in public high schools will have to adhere to a new dress code in the fall. Each of the 4 high schools will have their own specifications, but all students will have to wear collared shirts and khaki pants or skirts. Clothing with rips or tears will not be allowed. Oversized or extra- tight outfits are also off limits.

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Dress Code

Y'all just need to get over it. I graduated Ashley in 2007 and feel that maybe this thing SHOULD be enforced. You guys are saying that this dress code is unfair, yet private schools make kids follow a dress code. If people in Japan can go to a school where they have a dress code to follow by, why is it SO hard to do that in America? I know when I was in High School, our principal ALWAYS had someone in his office that violated the dress code, and I think now it's enforced the right way. If you go to get a job, you have to follow a dress code. This isn't anything new, and the ones that are in high school complaining about this, you're acting like you're in middle school. Just follow for the code for the four years you're in school, and then apply for a college that doesn't have an enforced code. And if it frustrates you THAT badly, make a petition and see if it can be a success. And if THAT doesn't work, maybe you should just consider getting a GED at CFCC, because if you disobey the dress code, chances are you'll flunk out.

Dress Code

The fact that parents do not know or monitor what their children wear to school is the reason for another try of a dress code. The parent is in charge of the child and should be aware of what they are buying and what they wear Monday - Friday to school. It is shocking and disgusting to see what the students are wearing to school. Take responsibility for your child.

I am a student at Hoggard

I am a student at Hoggard and seeing as this dress code is in violation of my first amendment right i refuse to follow it. The whole argument saying that it will help students focus on school and not clothes is ubsurd and shows how out of touch parents and faculty are. I have personally never been "distracted" by what someone else is wearing, and i have never just blabbed on and on about clothes during class. This dress code will also put a financial strain on many people. as for the the "disgusting" clothing, you must be referring to the chains and such but I suggest you get over it and take responsability for your own child and yours alone.

Tell you what

You'll do what your TOLD to do until you are an adult...and even then..if you want a good job..YOU'LL DO WHAT YOUR TOLD TO DO...School is your it so much to ask that you look presentable? Almost EVERY job that pays worth a hoot has SOME sort of dress code...GET USED TO IT!'ll do it...or you'll spend a few years in the same grade...simple as that.

I don’t quite understand

I don’t quite understand WHY this will have an impact...on anything. I am a student at John T Hoggard, and I believe that this dress code will create more problems than it will solve. I know plenty of students feel uncomfortable wearing collard shirts and khakis, and I know that when I wear something that I don’t normally wear, I feel awkward, and it’s the only thing that I can focus on (aka, cant focus on school work). Plus, do you expect the world to always be "sharp-dressed"? Why should our school wear certain clothing if no one else is going to wear it anywhere else? You don't go to a major city and expect everyone to be clean cut. The students might as well get use to the fact that some people dress sloppily, and if you don’t like the idea of YOUR kid wearing extremely baggy shorts, THEN DONT LET THEM!!! Another thing that was mentioned above was, if someone causes a problem, it will be MUCH harder to tell them apart from others; clothing sets up individuality. And finally, I think the biggest problem will be rebellion. Plenty of the students will find loop holes in the dress code...or not just follow it at all. I want to know what you think THIS particular dress code will do. I can understand the shorts length/ pants baggyness (for those extremely over protective parents), but why a collard shirt? Do you think that high schoolers pick on others for wearing certain types of shirts? That’s what stereo-typical bullies on T.V. shows do, and it’s actually very rare in High School. And the khakis? Why/how will those help? It’s just a different color, so why not…any other color? In my opinion, you should just actually TRY to enforce the old standard dress code, because if you can’t manage to do that, the new one will never work. This most likely will turn out just like ID’s…

O and by the way what are we

O and by the way what are we supposed to do when it's freezing outside, NO stores make sweater style collared shirts last time I checked. Do they expect us to freeze?

As a student going to

As a student going to Hoggard this is going to be very hard on my mom because I do not own a single collared shirt or polo. This essentially means that she will have to buy me a whole new wardrobe of khakis, and shirts when we can't afford to since normally I only get a few new shirts at the beginning of the year. I am a girl by the way so it's not as if I will be able to only get 5 shirts and wear them over and over again. Even though the school board assumes that with this dress code everyone will just stop caring about how much you wear each shirt, were you get it from, and how much it costs that's definitely not the case.

dress code

The only problem I see will be the variations of dress that these "HIGH SCHOOLERS" will implement in their dress. This is the age of pre- adults wanting to express themselves and their individualty! Heels and snowboots with kakhi pants,?vests and neckties? It should be a hoot!

Uniform absurdity

I do NOT agree with the need for a uniform in high schools. I cannot be convinced that what these kids have on will make an appreciable difference in their outlook/behavior. I already had 1 year of this lunacy in middle school, and I can tell you we had more problems making sure we had the right style & color shirt on school mornings than we ever had over the previous ten years I have have had kids in school. BTW, does anyone else think it's cynical/hypocritical that school-logo t-shirts are OK, & they'll be happy to sell you some? But plain ones are a no-no? What lesson does this "teach"?

Hair Next?

Should the children who dress appropriately be punished by a dress code? There are some schools where the children dress appropriately, and there is no-little problem. Should we not deal with the problems situations-instead? Next, we all need the same haircuts?

Sadly, there are schools

Sadly, there are schools that expect guys to have the same hair style too, hair is to be above your ears. I think schools are too radical on this uniform and appearance enforcement...


I cannot believe that there are so many people who agree with this. The schools have a dress code already that is not enforced. Let's try to enforce that before going to uniforms. What are they trying to accomplish with the uniform code? What will be successful? What are the measurables? What's the point? Do you think Johnny will behave better in a collared shirt? Is there a make-up policy? or haircut policy? Well lookout...when this doesn't work..what's next? This is a waste of time and effort. It's just making parents spend more money on another set/style of clothing. This is setting a dangerous precedent for the future. People should not allow this.


I am a parent of a soon to be kindergarten student at Town Creek Elementary. I dress my child appropriately and although I understand that some parents let their child wear inappropriate clothing, lets get real. This is just a simple way for the school staff to have an easier job...if the administration was being ADMINISTRATORS, none of the pro's of uniforms would even make matter because they would have ALREADY BEEN IMPLEMENTED. How is the North Carolina PUBLIC School system going to tell my child what to wear? Sorry but she will not be in uniform whatsoever. And I am the responsible authority...not the school system. Let's worry about what really paying the teachers to teach instead of DECREASING their pay by 1/2 percent. My child wears name brand clothes and I hardly ever spend $20-$30+ on an outfit.

yes, seriously...

The root of the issue is lack of enforcement by both parents and educators. The current dress codes do not allow short shorts or skirts, tank tops, underwear showing, etc. and yet that's exactly what everyone cites as the objectionable clothes. If they would enforce the current policy - and make someone come get the child to change their clothes when they violate it - there would be no need for a new policy. You start escalating limits on a teenagers' individuality - and they will just get more creative - yes my friend, make-up and hair is definitely next.

Dress Code Policy at local High Schools

As a parent of a local high school junior I am glad to see the dress code policy. I just hope it is enforced. I have already started buying things within the policy so I will not have a hardship when school starts in August. I am a regular volunteer and I am amazed at what some of the students wear. The other day a father was complaining about the dress code and I mentioned that the length of his daughter's shorts (maybe one inch) most likely played a large factor in the decision and he looked confused. Parents can choose to make this hard or simply follow the rules. The clothes that are being required do not cost any more than what students are wearing now. As you replenish your child's clothes do so within the dress code policy. My child is not happy about this so I am buying clothes that are more her style...shirts with the school logo and mostly tan shorts. Let's spend our energy on making sure our children get a great education, not that they are the best dressed at school.

short shorts everywhere

while I agree that the dress code is a great idea, if you've been shopping lately, teens don't have many choices, all shorts I've seen are "too short", no matter how many differents stores you go to the style is often the same, thank our retailers too...


Shop in the women's department and not the teen department for longer shorts.


This is great until something happens and they need a description of a student. Then there will be nothing unique to describe the child!! Can be dangerous in the long run!! As a parent other than that I love the idea!! Less money to spend on Ed Hardy!!!

ALL uniformed

The teachers should have to dress in the uniform attire just as the students. With more and more schools becoming uniformed, the local stores here need to take a hint and STOCK the uniforms. Most of the time you have to order them online. Wal-Mart carries some right as school starts but they go so fast. Remember, teachers should set an example.


ABSOLUTELY AGREE with you on that one. Teachers should be held to a higher standard as well.

Don't forget Rose's Dept store

I was shopping last year at Roses and they had elementary school uniforms. Shirts and pants were 2 for $10.00. So as more school systems adopt dress codes the all local retailer should try and get some of that business.

Amen to teacher uniforms

Teachers in too tight jeans, teachers in skirts way too short. They need to be held accountable to a uniform code too!!

Amen. My childs Elementary

Amen. My childs Elementary school has uniforms and it has been great, but next year she goes on to Middle School where there is no uniform dress code. Please put them on a dress code also school board, and make every school uniformed.

Re: Amen

Nobody said you can't send your child to school in whatever you decide to buy for them. Even if they don't go to a "uniform" school, you can make your own decisions how to spend your money. Reverse that, and you'll see one reason there is opposition to this idea - those sentences will not apply to me this Fall.I send my kids to school in perfectly decent, inexpensive clothes. Now, that's not good enough anymore, & I have to buy them other clothes to conform to a policy I wasn't consulted about, don't agree with, and don't get to vote on. This IS America, right?

yeah, good luck with this

yeah, good luck with this one. Let me know how this works out for you.

Let's see all of them on the

Let's see all of them on the same page as you guys,,lol.


Force them also to keep their pants pulled up so we don't have to see their underwear.

It's about time!

It's about time!

dress code

If they are going to enforce a dress code on the students are they also going to enforce one on the teachers? Some of the teachers dress worse than the students, sloppy, clothes not ironed, or just tacky. When I was in school teacher had to dress professionally, and you were able to distinguish the students from the teachers. Start from the top and work your way down. Look at the teachers first.

What happens to the child that

What happens to the child where the parents cannot afford to buy 5 pairs of khakis to get through the week. Now the schools are going to go from teaching to policing all outfits.... as far as the teachers go- I ask you this- Why would you want to be a teacher- They get Paid SQUAT- there pay just got reduced and you want them also to wear a uniform.... Our educators are going to be less and less- then you that worry about the khakis and collar'd shirts will wonder why.... if you want uniforms- go to the private schools....