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NHC School Board, AT&T plan construction of cell tower behind elementary school

READ MORE: NHC School Board, AT&T plan construction of cell tower behind elementary school
The New Hanover County School Board and AT&T plan to build a cell phone tower behind Murrayville Elementary School. The tower would fall right in Brooke Baker's back yard. “My main concern is the health affects that the cell phone tower is going to have over a long period of time on our family, as well as our neighbors, and the children that go to the school behind us at Murrayville Elementary School,” said Baker. Baker said it has only been a week since she found out about the plans, even though the school board has been considering the idea for more than a year. Once Baker found out she told Murrayville parents. PTA vice president Angela Paterson said she is also worried about the health of the students. She does not understand why parents weren't notified earlier. “They send home fliers whenever they put out ant killer, but they can't notify us that they're going to put a radio active tower up,” asked Paterson. New Hanover County School's spokesperson Valita Quattlebaum said she understands parents' concerns, but county schools don't send home notices when making changes to the buildings. “That's how this is viewed, as just a modification to our property,” said Quattlebaum. Before AT&T can build the tower, New Hanover County commissioners must approve a special use permit. To qualify, the tower must be inline with the rest of the community. Residents said a cell phone tower just will not connect with their neighborhood. “It's not in harmony with the existing structures around here. You don't see any other 90 foot towers around here,” added Baker. Opponents of the cell phone tower said there are studies showing the negative health affects cell-phones can cause, which they plan to present Monday night. Qualttlebaum said the school has not performed any independent studies into the dangers of cell phone towers. But as long as the tower meets federal regulations, county commissioners cannot deny the permit for environmental factors. Health risks would fall under the environmental factors.

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Did you know?

Did you know that being anywhere near the source of the emitters on a cell tower will cause your fillings in you teeth to heat up within a minute or two? We are talking about being up on the tower itself. Logical to assume that radiation propagation over distance has much the same effect over a much longer time period say, the length of the school day. The body will be exposed to some increased levels of radiated energy for extended periods of time although much lower in intensity. Why chance exposing young children to these levels of potentially bad environmental radiation? Money talks....

The fact is that the New

The fact is that the New Hanover County School Board did NOT tell any of the parents ANYTHING about this before proceeding with it. NO parents knew of this until a homeowner approached the PTA of the school 5 days prior to this "meeting" because they had received a letter from the planning committee regarding it. Even the homeowners had no knowledge of it until recently...and this has been in the works for 2 years? Do they really have to place the tower on school grounds? The question here is WHY were the Murrayville residents not told of this? Why was it so secretive? This was a very shady deal, and it disgusts me that the school board has done this without communicating with the parents of the children that they are to be representing and having the best interest in mind for. Whomever commented about everyone using cell phones has a valid a way. Sure, we all use cell phones, and I'm sure there is a demand for towers to provide better coverage.... BUT there are so many other places that seem better fit to place a cell phone tower in this county.

What, anywhere but your

What, anywhere but your backyard? Typical NHC response.

Nice try on twisting

Nice try on twisting words...Anywhere extremely RURAL! Heavily wooded areas with nothing around for miles! Do the research and you will see that there are laws already in place overseas in places such as Europe that make it unlawful to place cell phone towers near homes, schools and hospitals. Wonder why this is? Also, go take a look at the area surrounding Murrayville Elementary school, and you will see that there are not even above ground power lines! Everything is underground and it is a beautiful wooded area. A cell phone tower is certainly NOT in harmony with the existing surroundings. It makes you wonder if the county commissioners have even set foot on the property to see this for themselves prior to making "their decision"! Aerial photos and pictures taken at certain angles do not do the property justice! One must see it in person to understand.

I wonder how many of the

I wonder how many of the people complaining own cell phones? If they do, they need to shut up and quit complaining!

Cell Tower

Its funny the same people complaining about the tower are the same ones who complain about not having good cell reception. Anyway, I agree I think there are better places this tower could be placed. If they insist on putting it there, make AT&T put in a tower like they installed in Raleigh Metro Areas that are designed like a tree and blend in with the enviroment.

My question

It seems pretty odd that the same people that are opposing the cell tower are the ones who walked out of that meeting with kid on hip, dialing their cell phones...and drove with that same phone up to their ear...Makes sense!

complaining never ends

It boggles the mind how parents in this county never stop finding something else to complain about and fight the school board on. This latest situation shows the ridiculousness and hipocracy on display. These parents are complaining about a cell tower next to Murrayville Elementary, yet they don't raise a fuss about the high tension power lines running right next to Laney and Trask (theres more substantiation out there about power lines causing cancer than a cell tower). Neither do parents raise a word of concern about the huge microwave and cell towers just across the street from Blair and Noble in Dutch Square. Where is the outrage about the cell tower in Burnt Mill Business Park right next to CFCI? How about the huge cell tower just off Lennon Drive and Market Street that is 50 feet from the Childcare Network building? Parents: Stop hassling the school board over hearsay and urban legends and start basing your arguments on hard scientific facts from reputable peer reviewed scientific journals.


Radiation is not a problem, or less the tower was only 20 feet off the ground, then radiation develops it will be much higher than that. What would be nice to see people in the neighborhood near this tower getting their service upgraded to fiber to their homes, as I am sure fiber is going to the tower to offer the 3-g-service, but knowing them they will probably go copper T-1-S-- to the tower as this company does not think of the future. Lets face it Wilmington needs much more cellular towers, because if you will notice cell phones today do not have antennas on them, they need to put antennas on hand held devices. If not definitely more towers are needed.

Fiber To The Curb

working for AT&T i know a little bit about this, first thing, why would AT&T go into a neighborhood thats been around for 20+ years and place fiber cable when half of the people in it dont have AT&T services? 15% of wilmington have no land line at all, only cell. So whos going to pay for the millions of dollars that it takes to upgrade copper to fiber? You can run T1's on copper or fiber,fibers faster,cleaner connection ect.. Just hold your horses cause when U-Verse hits wilmington everyones phone lines will be upgraded and modernized to carry the 32mgb bandwith to run your DSL and TV stations

NHCS just takes things for granted

Sure, strike a deal and put a cell tower right there where the kids play. That's not good policy when the parents are not given input on the decision to put a microwave emitting tower 70 feet above the playground and in a neighborhoods backyard. If coverage was so important there is all the adjoining Trask owned land nearby that would make a better place to locate a cell tower. But I'm sure the Trask family didn't want the liability or ugly cell tower located on their property either. They at least have more common sense than the school board. Just wait until one of the kids pulls a "Gilbert Grape" on that tower and falls to his/her death. Sure they will put up fences, but do they really stop determined kids? Nope. When do we get to vote on the school board members?

Can you hear me now?