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NHC school board member blogs about national conference

READ MORE: NHC school board member blogs about national conference
Some New Hanover County school board members are hard at work this spring break. Three board members traveled to San Diego for the National School Board Conference. Since Friday, board members have been in workshops and training, hoping to bring some ideas home to New Hanover County. The whole time, one board member has been using her iPhone to blog about the conference, on the school’s website. It's a trip that came with a lot of scrutiny. Sending three school board members to a school board conference in San Diego has cost a total of over $6,000. With talks of budget cuts, including cutting non-essential travel, many wonder if the cost is worth it. "I think that it's good that they want to improve the school system, but I don't think they need to spend that money right now,” said Mariema Lewis, a concerned parent. To ease parents minds and send information back home, board member Elizabeth Redenbaugh has been blogging on the school's website on the ins and outs of the conference. Some parents said if one idea comes from the trip on improving New Hanover County schools, then the experience is worthwhile. PTA Vice President Denise Szaloky said, "I have been keeping up with the blog daily and appreciate the updates and what our board members are experiencing. From workshops to conferences like this, new ideas and opportunities arise which helps not only the board but trickles down to the students." NHC board member Elizabeth Redenbaugh reported, "Through training and attendance and conferences, like that national school board association we can help and bring that excellence back to NHC." Redenbaugh believes all three board members are benefiting from the conference. One idea she already plans to discuss with the board is improving student-teacher relations by requiring at-home teacher visits.

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Re: School Misses Boat Yet Again

It never ceases to amaze me that the people elected to positions of authority fail to see the big picture. In its infinite wisdom of the State of North Carolina has passed mandatory testing in core curriculum subjects such as English and History. However, students in New Hanover County don’t have the textbooks required to study for these subject outside the school, in History they are being told to study from the internet, yet the required exam is based on material from the textbook. Year after year students are required to study for these exams but you cannot take your textbook home because schools simply don’t have enough. Yet we have the funds to send these yahoo’s to a National Convention to “learn” tools of excellence. If you want to make NHC schools excellent spend the funds where they are needed-textbooks, teacher pay to name a few.


My niece is a teacher at one of the high schools here. I know that our whole entire family would not want our lovely young lady to have to visit in any student's HOME..... BAD IDEA!!! Unless the County School Board is going to hire Bodyguards to go with our family member, they can forget that idea.

NHC School Board Attendance at National Conference

What a blatant disregard for the hard times most are going through. Sure, conferences can be useful for training and updating of techniques, but to spend this amount of money while cut-backs are happening all over is disgraceful. Blog all you want, it doesn't change the cold hard facts.

It must be nice

It must be nice for the school board members to get an all expenses paid vacation while our children are going to be facing larger class sizes and program cuts. We elect school board members to make decisions, they have the power to change school start times and when parents complain they see their meal ticket disappear and balk at it. Saving hundreds of thousands in bus costs will save multiple jobs in the county and allow for funding in necessary programs, but they are too afraid to stand up the the whiny and entitled parents. Anyone who knows anything about education knows that New Hanover county does not put our children first in education. This county is a political joke. This county has no attendance policy. Kids can skip and miss as much school as they want and no receive any consequence. The board just wants to look good for the media. So in the next few years when class sizes jump up, attendance goes down and the continued focus is on parental happiness, not the education of our children, I hope the school board members who wasted $6000 can look back at the great time they had at our expense. I don't know if the right word is corruption or ineptitude, maybe its both.

I want to be "hard at work" in San Deigo

This is a total waste of taxpayers money to send 3 members of the school board to San Diego for a workshop. Have you ever heard of Tele-conferencing? You spent OVER $2000.00 for EACH member to fly to CALIFORNIA for THIS!! The Cape Fear Council of Government on Harbour Drive here in Wilmington has tele-conferencing available for this...Do you not know we are in a recession...cuts are being made in education of our children! Oh wait a minute...this is all about me, right! Check it out WWAY and encourage individuals like this to save money and use tele conferencing. The blogging is wonderful, but you hear what they want you to hear. Start thinking about saving money!!