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NHC sets meeting to to tweak redistricting plans

New Hanover County schools have scheduled the next step in the redistricting process. The NHC School Board will hold a meeting Monday, December 14th, beginning at 9 a.m. at the Spencer Building. At the meeting, the board will tweak the maps to find the best plan for redistricting. Parents are divided between neighborhood schools and busing for socioeconomic equality. The board must reach a decision before it meets in February.

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Okay, I have just about had enough of this mess. Here is one for you to think about. My daughter attends Williston middle school, I have seen her "classmates", we are a white normal run of the mill family. She is the minority in her classes. I feel like she is being discriminated against. I have to send her there because of the "district" we live in. So, because she makes friends with her classmates, who are Africian American, she is labeled by her teachers. It is not fair how she is treated and how she now "acts" some days when she comes home. I have to be very careful with what I say to her about some of her behavior so I dont come off as a racist. So, in other words YES, i am all for the parents who want their children to stay in their neighborhood schools. So, it is not just who can or can't make the grade and the grade of the schools. There is more at stake here than that. Your children are there 6 hours a day, so they can't help but become part of their enviroment. If they dont act like their surroundings act, they will become the targets of the kids they have to be around. In my opinion the school board has not a clue as to what they are really doing to these kids and their parents. It takes me 25 minutes to get to my kids school,williston and hanover. Whereas, roland grise and hoggard are less than 10 away. But god forbid, those schools ever make it into the papers or the news of something bad happenin in and around there. Whereas, Hanover and Williston, going into lockdown all the time. Good luck to all the parents who have children in the system.


"socioeconomic equality" You mean DISCRIMINATION towards Middle Class families...THAT is what this is. It's the old..LETS HIDE a schools below average performance by mixing in kids from the middle class that might do better...instead of DEALING WITH THE REAL ISSUES!

always has been

They seem to aim for a middle ground. Take some above average students and put them in the failing school and hope they bring it up and take some of the below average students and put them in the good school and hope they don't drop it too much. Meanwhile it doesn't address the issue of lack of parental involvement in the failing schools, the fact that people do buy houses depending on school districts. Quit making excuses for poor performing students. The NCLB made it where it is almost impossible to fail a student.