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NHC Sheriff's Deputy fired

Sheriff Sid Causey fired Thomas Prokop this morning after the State Bureau of Investigation charged him with having indecent liberties with a minor. Prokop's bond is set at $125,000. He is 31-years-old, and was with the NHC Sheriff's Department for six years. Sheriff Causey says all deputies undergo extensive background checks before they work for the county, but says sometimes you can never tell. "Unfortunately some of those either change or go bad for whatever reason. And when that happens there is no alternative other than to step up and do the right thing," said Causey. The name, sex and age of the victim were not released. The case is still under investigation.

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Funny how y'all want to

Funny how y'all want to bring up the innocent until proven guilty...How many Cops really treat people they pick up as innocent until proven guilty. Odds are that if he was charged, he did the crime. Open your eyes people, they would not fire a police officer, jail him and a Judge make his bond, 125,000 without significant evidence. Being a multiple tour combat veteran, I know that their jobs are tough and their praise too little. Not all Cops are bad, but to say that nobody knew this guy was this type of person is hard to believe. They are some things you just don't handle "in house".

Think before you speak

It is believed that this is a one incident case, so yes it would be easy to believe that nobody knew about this...even his very close friends. I don't know him, but a friend of mine worked with him for a very long time and he said he was absolutely astonished by this. I do think he is probably guilty, but it isn't a fact yet. Thinking of LEO, Chris Long was charged but the GJ did not indict him him so therefore he was not guilty of the charges. In the gang related shooting that happened near NHHS last year, three boys were charged but the DA later dropped the charges against the individual in the backseat. Look at the Duke incident. All those men were charged and later had the charges dropped. Just because you are charged with someting doesn't mean you are guilty. Wait for the court hearing first. As far as LEO treating people as being innocent, I can tell you for a fact that most LEO do not take their job personal and do not mistreat others...not until that person decides he wants to cause problems.

Still A good Man and Officer Untill found Guilty

I worked with this man for three years and he was a great officer and a good person what happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty? You all are so quick to jump on someone and you only know what the news is telling you. Do you really have any idea what happened No you are just followers of other people and the stories you hear. Wait to judge until all the information is told.

Overthrow Causey

I think Sheriff Causey is vile. Always have, and I've known him since he was in grade school. As a law enforcement officer in this county, I know what is expected of officers, but I also know what officers expect of those in charge. On each count, Causey has let his deputies down. Chris Long lost his job and his name was stained in this county, despite the fact that he was found innocent. Did that finding lead Causey to rethink or change his deeds? Nope. You have to wonder about someone who works as diligently as Causey does to hide from the truth. Prokop was one hell of a deputy, and the citizens of this county have lost once again, thanks to Causey. I sincerely hope that those I KNOW will be running against him make sure that all of Causey's dirty laundry comes out. It'll be enough to leave the whole state stinking for years to come.


He is innocent! He was set up by a crazy ex-wife and they just believed her! That is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No evidence, but they still fired him? I hope he sues that b*tch for everything she has, including their daughter. I dont know if there is anything you can do worse to a person than put them in jail and take away their kids. I hope justice gets served and this ex-wife gets her ass kicked big time!

Set up by ex-wife

I don't know this deputy, but I can believe that a "crazy ex-wife" would set up her ex-husband in order to make his life miserable, especially if ex-husband has moved on with his life, and is happy, and the ex-wife, who ran off with some loser, destroyed her marriage, and later realizes what a mistake she made. She used their kids in her plan, and the children are the ones that suffered, to the extent that one is 28 years old, and will never amount to anything. I know someone who did that to her ex-husband. Three more marriages later, she still has a miserable life, and still resents that her ex-husband is happy and healthy, and that is the best revenge of all !! Innocent until proven guilty!!

I agree with you!!!

I have also know him for a couple of years and he is one of the kindest persons I have ever met. Definately not the negative image people are speculating about. People shouldn't judge him until they know the facts.

Who to Trust

We as Parents Tell Our Young Children If They need help If they see and Officer to Go to them for HELP.What do we tell our CHILDREN now?

You can't trust anyone

If you tell your children not to trust LEO then you must tell them not to trust men, women, parents, preachers, doctors, ect...the fact is, there are people in all walks of life that have done unthinkable thinkgs like this deputy is accused of doing. I guess you home school your children, but even then you are there and so is your spouse so therefore that wouldn't work either. If you tell your children they cannot trust LEO, then that is just adding to the problems that are accuring every day in all our lives

One bad apple...

doesn't spoil the entire bunch. No need to paint the entire Law Enforcement Community with such a large brush. However, I suppose you feel the same way when ministers and priests do the same...are you then telling your children not to trust their minister because of what one bad one did?

sdsurfer said: "However, I

sdsurfer said: "However, I suppose you feel the same way when ministers and priests do the same...are you then telling your children not to trust their minister because of what one bad one did?" Yeah, pretty much. I tell mine to be cautious of ANY adult who exhibits certain behaviors, but particularly those adults in authority.

pig is approate in this

pig is approate in this case, PIG

bad cop

This really makes our law enforcement look bad. We need to be able to trust someone but who? I have 3 family members who are now or have been police officers and they are boiling mad about this so called officer

Well tell your boiling mad

Well tell your boiling mad family members to get over it cause not one bit of it is true! And people should really start thinking before they judge!

What ever happened to

What ever happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty? This man has served our country and your state and deserves to be able to prove his case!!!

dirty cop

Now if this is true.He should ware a t-shite. saying what he did in front of the court house. Before he go to jail. He is lawinforment now and law braker


This guy is a former marine and former LEO that couldn't get a legal girl??? What a loser.