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Suspected arrested in Ogden double murder

New Hanover County Sheriff's deputies arrested Gerard Edward Altman Thursday afternoon. He has been charged with two counts of first degree murder in Wednesday's double murder in the Ogden area. Gerard Altman is the son of Laura Gallagher, one of the victims. Wednesday, deputies making a welfare check found the bodies of 58-year-old Laura and her 70-year-old husband James inside their home in Ogden. Investigators said a neighbor called the sheriff's office asking a deputy to come check on the folks who lived at 424 Westridge Court. Deputies entered the house and found the Gallaghers dead. Check back as this information is being updated.

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Mr. Gallagher was a NYC policeman retired from 40 or so years in the subway, and was one of the first responders in 9/11. He and his wife were in a fight for his life attempting to save him from cancer. Mr. Gallager was a very nice person, and his wife also, and it appeared they were trying to help her son get his life straightened out, and they paid the price with their lives.Gerry appears to have no remorse,yet the times I saw them together, his mother was very devoted to him and Mr Gallagher, and when she introduced him she appeared to be proud of him, despite what must have been difficult for any mother to have her son in prison for most of his adult life. We are so sad about the horror this couple must have suffered at the end of what should have been longer life, with retirement they had so looked forward to in the south.


The Gallaghers and Gerard were my old neighbors in my little quite town in Upstate Ny fro abut 10 years. when we were younger Gery and I would hang out and we all thought he was different because we were country boys and he moved here form the city. We got along as friends and traded baseball cards and hung out. My parents did not want me hanging out with him to much. Come to find out they were pretty good at judging his character. He ended up breaking in and robbing our house one night with one of his friends. He stole my nintendo and games and was cought 2 days later at his freinds apartment playing them. That was his first arrest. His parents Laura and Jim (the victems) were very nice folks and always talkitive and cool to me. We could always here allot of argueing and yelling from next door but we though thats how city folks talked. To the person who is concerned about his safety in his quite neighborhood I know where he is coming from but we have lived here for 30 + years and that was the only crime on the hill. I know Gerry had a sister and brother who seemed like good people. Laura and Jim made some freinds here in Deposit and we are sad to hear about this. This is not a case where he was raised wrong they were good parents. Gery was obviously mentally unfit and the worst outcome happend.


i knew gerald he didnt do this he is a good person he was with my sister on the night of the murder.

untrue he is 100% guilty he

untrue he is 100% guilty he is a no good horrible person and he will rot in jail!!!!!!


You know... it's funny that you know where he was on the night of the murders... especially since that information hasn't been released yet. Got something you want to talk about?

You spell it innocent

Do you know something that the rest of us don't know? They have not established when they were murdered. Maybe you should go to the police with your wealth of information.

Only a matter of time

I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone would come on here and say this thug was a nice person and didn't do it


Did you miss the part where he spent 13 years in prison???? Generally speaking, "good people" don't spend 13 years in prison. WAKE UP and stop trying to provide him an alibi before you end up next to him in jail for being an accomplice.

The Altmans

I moved to wilmington a few years ago and meet gerry soon after. He was a realy good guy. I knew he wasnt all there but who is. Everyone has something goin on. I just thought it had a lot to do with being locked away all them years that would pay a toll on any of us. Dont take this the wrong way im not making any excuses for him by any means. What he did was horrible and he needs to pay for this. Me and gerry were best freinds. I meet him and his family as soon as i got to wilmington. I did alot of struggling when i arrived couldnt find work didnt have money to eat or anything and he took me in. He got me a job with him his mom or stepdad would give me rides to work or wherever i needed to go. They were all great pepole even gerry.his mom did whatever she could to help us both. But from the outside of the family looking everything seemed perfect. But inside everything was far from perfect. She (his mom)knew how to push his buttons and not let up it was bad. She was a good person. But one of the most controlling person ive ever meet. She would controle belittle and mentaly abuse him beyound words i dont even no how to put it in words. It wasnt just gerry her other so steve who i was good freinds with felt the wrath of her also and when i say wrath that is no exageration. Many people never saw this side of the family unless u were there and i was. For everyone else there was a show put on. It was horrible i felt sorry for him having to deal with that. After her downing him so bad and belittling him to no end he would get up and try to leave and she would stand in front of the door so he couldnt leave or follow him down the street yelling at him it was unbelivable u had to have been there to understad. This is just a said story all around. A week after leaving wilmy and returning to baltimore i got the call from a good freind of me and gerry saying he killed them. I still cant beleive it. This story has more then 2 victoms god bless laura and jimmy they were great to me. Steve and gerry were victoms also god bless them as well.


If you think that this man is a good person you obviously have a very twisted idea of what right and wrong are. If "good" is robbing people, taking drugs, and murder, then I guess you would be right.

I live in the same

I live in the same development as the couple who were killed. It is scary to think that there is some crazy murderer running around here. This is supposed to be the safe side of town! It is a fairly quite development with people ranging from college students to young families to elders living here. There are many nights that I am home alone, and when the weather is nice I leave the windows open. I am sad to say I will be too scared to let the nice breeze blow through my house at night anymore, go to sleep to the sound of the bugs chirping, or wake up to the sound of the birds singing.

This was not a random act of

This was not a random act of have/had nothing to worry about because of this murder

me and my roomate just

me and my roomate just watched his arrest at the reseve. craziness. glad hes captured. god rest his parent's souls.

What a dumb brat!!!! This

What a dumb brat!!!! This world is getting more and more crazy by the day.