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Nicholas Brown takes plea deal surrounding murder of Willie Duane Davis

A man accused of a Christmas Eve shooting in 2006 has pled guilty to the crime. Nicholas Brown was in the car with three other men, when 23-year-old Willie Duane Davis was gunned down on 14th Street in Wilmington. Today was supposed to be the first day of testimony in Brown's trial, but instead, he took a plea deal. He was sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison.

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I wasn't there & the only

I wasn't there & the only people who know what happen was the ones that were there. Mr. Brown should have got more time. He should rot in jail. What he did was just wrong he. YES the victim is my cousin and i am speaking out. My family has to go on with out him.... 30 years and you followed him around & shot him right by his grandma's house. The way I feel about brown is he a punk. You lost a fight deal with it you dnt go get six of your friends & a GUN. How Stupid. OH & if they were your friends then they wouldnt have turned on you.

He knows everything

The Father is the judge. He will judge us all based on his standard. He is all knowing. He knew when Cain slew Able. He also knows who slew Willie. He punished Cain. So shall he punish who slew Willie. If a man kills another man out of anger the only just punishment is death. Death is suitable because he created all mankind in His image. His word was good then, and it is good now. His word never changes because our times change. Those of you who defend the wrong are guilty of baring false witness. You must keep the Commandements. Your disobedience is rebelous against God. The more you rebel the further you move from God. The further you move from Him the further he moves from you. I tell you there will be crying and gnasting of teeth. You will have your reward Mr. Brown he knows everything to include your thoughts Mr. Brown. You may think you have a chance to dodge the judging of man, but God is waiting to judge you Mr. Brown. Here is the question will He find you guilty or not guilty?

People shouldn't comment on

People shouldn't comment on things until they know the facts. I pray for both families in the situation.

Well give us those facts

Well give us those facts then.

Another dirt bag off or

Another dirt bag off or streets!


u don't even know this man so don't be saying anything if u ask me you're the dirt bag and u need to get off the streets! ****FREE NICHOLAS BROWN**** HE;S AN INNOCENT MAN!!!!

Oh really?

So an innocent guy took a plea deal? I'm getting a no, bob.

Your FUNNY!!!!!!!! He's

Your FUNNY!!!!!!!! He's innocent yet he's willing to take a plea deal that will put him in jail for 30years. HE'S A DIRT BAG!!! He's a THUG and is getting off easy as far as I'm concerned. Of course the guy he killed was probably a dirt bag also

Nicholas Brown

Sometimes people can provoke certain things and situations. Both families have went thru a great deal of pain. Apparently he felt his life was in danger so its was basicially who gets who first. just so to happen he caught him first. Its way more facts thats wasnt published to the media for people to make a opinion. Now nobody fights fair and i would of got tired of running and hiding myself. somebody please post pics of Nicholas Browns car riddled with bullets and papers when willie bully and robbed nick and they went to court for it.

Thugs killing thugs

Thugs killing thugs, I love it. Just leave the innocent people out of it.

You can run but you can't hide

The way you celebrate the deaths of those you don't approve of makes me think you should change your fake name from 'guesty' to 'The Grim Reaper'.

First you celebrated the deaths of two Mexican men who died in a car crash. You said: "They got justice no court could dish out and the best part is no innocent people were hurt."

Moments later you switched over to this story and you posted remarks that celebrate the death of a young black man. You love it that he died??

I gotta tell you brother, I don't feel any love in your posts.

You said in your post for the other story, "Don't you worry about my relationship with God, it is in good standing."

In spite of that, I am a little worried for you. Even more, I am worried for young people who might read your remarks and think that it's OK to hate someone if they have ever broken a law, come from a different country or don't have white skin.

Might I suggest you attend some services this weekend and make certain that you and God are still in good standing? God is about love and forgiveness, not hatred, intolerance or judging your fellow men.

Any church except for the Westboro Baptist Church will do.

I will pray for you.