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No birthday suits, just bathing suits for Bird Island

Signs on one Brunswick County beach could soon reveal the naked truth about North Carolina nudist laws. The signs will help notify sun bathers on Bird Island to trade their birthday suit for their bathing suit on their next trip to the beach. Many beach goers believe that Bird Island is a nude beach, but public nudity is banned by North Carolina law. Signs already posted say nothing about nudity on Bird Island, but show it's illegal in Sunset Beach. Monday night, Brunswick County commissioners voted to create a sign to help make it clear you can not visit any local beaches in the buff. “Some folks got the idea that it is allowable, so were just essentially posting what the law is,” said Brunswick County Commissioner Marty Cooke. Bird Island lies in both North and South Carolina, but does not fall under the jurisdiction of any Brunswick County town. However, the part of the beach in North Carolina is subject to the state laws. Cooke said the no nude bathing signs will also list other illegal acts such as littering and setting off fireworks. The signs could be up within the next few months.

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Economic Benefits

From the "Nudebeachesyes" website.
Economic Benefits of Nude Beaches Not every community seeks tourist dollars, but those that do have discovered nude beaches to be a gold mine. Experts have estimated the impact of Haulover Beach in Forida, for example, to be a $400 million annual boon to the local economy. Hippie Hollow, a county park in Travis County, Texas, is the only officially clothing-optional site in the county’s park system. And it’s the only park in the system that’s actually making money for the county.

Nude Beach

Legislators get the skinny
They're told nude beaches help economy
January 30, 2009|By Anthony Man Political Writer
The Broward Legislative Delegation heard testimony on a range of issues Thursday: work force development, spaying and neutering pets, funding for Tri-Rail - and nude beaches.

They're good for Florida's economy, said Richard Mason of the South Florida Free Beaches and the Florida Naturist Association, who asked Broward's state lawmakers to oppose any legislation that would force nude beaches to close.

He said the closest one to Broward, Haulover Beach in Miami-Dade County, is an economic engine, drawing tourists from other states and countries to a place where they can enjoy a beach without the encumbrance of clothing. Twenty-seven percent of Haulover visitors come from outside Florida, Mason said.

Economic benifeits and Bird Island

This will be interesting to see. Sunset Beach right now has limited parking. With the new bridge that is being added alot more people could arrive but space will be limited.

New decree

Breaking News
Albert Goodbody, reporter
February 20, 2010
We have learned from informed sources that the ACNU has reached an agreement to drop the suit based upon the Equal Rights Amendment which would challenge and possibly overturn all anti-nudity laws across the county. This would be a long and costly process for all concerned.
In keeping with the compromise the Court has decreed that on National Nude Day, all residents of the US in a public place or anywhere in which they may be seen from any public place must be nude between 10am and 5pm, local times. Carrying a small towel and wearing footwear which does not extend higher than the ankle shall constitute nudity for the purposes of this decree. In the interest of public safety, police officers, firefighters and EMTs will be exempt while actually on duty as will infants subject to sunburn. Also communities in which the temperature does not reach 70F. by 10am will be exempt.
Justice I.M. Sogood commented, “The Court realizes that this decree will be unpopular in some quarters but the law is the law and will be enforced”. The Justice also commented that, “The Constitutional Rights to freedom of self expression do not apply and cannot be used as an excuse for the wearing of clothing on National Nude Day”.
In a related issues, the NY Stock Exchange has reported that share prices of corporations which manufacture suntan lotion began to soar several days before the announcement of this decree. An investigation into the possibility of insider trading has begun.
Gyms and health clubs reported a surge of new memberships. One new patron was quoted as saying, “Well, if I have to be nude, I, at least, want to look my best”. Sales in fast food restraunts serving high caloric food with little nutrition were off sharply as customers flocked to the salad bars.
One comment heard commonly on the street was,” I don’t mind being nude when everone else is but I don’t like the government telling me when to be nude and when to wear clothes”.

National Nude Day

Oh, if only the above were true and not a spoof! I'd love to live nude whenever and wherever possible! If God had meant us to be naked, she would have created us that way!

Does anyone have a

Does anyone have a suggestion as to the best time of the year to go to Bird Island for nude sunbathing? I have driven down to the end of Sunset Beach during the summer but there are very large crowds and no where to park. Also, where is the best place to go to on the island to try to avoid offending anyone or possibly seeing a police officer?

Best time and place to skinnydip at Bird Island NC

Bird Island is just south of Sunset Beach. The best time to skinnydip is something that depends on the amount of people on the beach strolling and bike riding. And their ages.The other has to do with where you will be when they cross your path. Will you be submerged in the water? In the summertime the heat waves make it impossible to see if someone is nude at a distance and Bird Island has that advantage. Durind the summertime the heat will limit your time out there. You'll need a portable cabanna,drinking water plenty of sun block. A snack. At low tide you can ride a bike in, but after hide tide you would have to push the bike back home. Or stay a while.

Bird Island sunbathing

There should be many days beginning in March and lasting through November which will be pleasant for sunbathing on the beach or in the dunes. Ocean temperature for swimming will not be to my liking until June.
Remember, however, that, NC state law makes it illegal to be nude on the beach or in any public place, alone or with others of the same sex or opposite gender even if no one objects to the nudity.

You are not paranoid! They are really out to get you

Somewhere near the far end of the beach is the SC state line (unmarked). While nudity on the beach is also illegal in SC, enforcement seems to be only by the Brunswick County NC Police Maritime Unit.



Nudity is a natural state.

Nudity is a natural state. Nothing is more natural than being nude and enjoying nature, the way God intended. Nude is not lewd and nudity is not sinful. The American society automatically associates sexuality with nudity when this is not the case at all. Simple nudity has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality and this is very evident in European countries which are much more liberal, open-minded and accepting of individuals. Pope John Paul II said, "The human body in itself always has its own inalienable human dignity," and goes on to say that only when you reduce the human body to "an object of 'enjoyment,' meant for the gratification of concupiscence itself" does it become obscene. Adam and Eve were nude, created in God's image and God said "It is good!" Is the image of God sinful? No of course not! In Isaiah 20 we see that Isaiah was prophesying for three years while nude by the command of God. In 1 Samuel we see that Saul (Paul) "stripped off his robes and also prophesied" and the people who saw this asked, "Is Saul also among the prophets?" They associated him removing his clothes and prophesying with being a man of God! In 2 Samuel 6 King David celebrates nude before the Lord. In Micah 1:8 Micah too goes around nude. In Matthew 22 we are told to love our neighbors, but we cannot truly love someone else until we love ourselves! Being a nudist, one loves themsevles and is accepting of anyone no matter what their race, creed, religion, etc. Nude is not lewd and is in fact Biblical! America is the land of the free where we supposidly have freedom of expression. Nudism is our expression, give us our freedom!

I support everything you just wrote,.....

...., but for the lack of reality in it. Try saying all that as they guard your head from hitting the door jam of the Squad Car. Let's face it gang, WE ARE NOT IN EUROPE! I miss Germany so I bought property and made my own EUROPE. NEVER a fear to live my Natural way in the SC countryside. It's great to proclaim your rights, but on this issue-as far as the law goes,....., "we" as Naturists and nudist have none! The terrible thing about Democracy is when the masses are ignorant or just plain stupid and they are not on your side, better to be smart and fly under the radar. Go get your own private property and make your own Eden. In the long run, it's a lot less hassle and a heck of a lot cheaper!

Bird Island

Great post and well stated argument. I could not agree more.
One small error that I note, not for the purpose of disagreeing with you, but only to assure complete accuracty from the naturist/nudist community, is that the Saul referred to in I Samuel is King Saul, not the Saul who was renamed Paul in the New Testament. This doesn't make the slightest bit of difference to the underlying truth of what you have to say, but certain groups have a way of grabbing the slightest error and blowing the whole message out of proportion. It really doesn't matter whether it was King Saul, who God had annointed as the first king of Isreal, the Apostle Paul, whose letters form the essential basis for the understanding of Christianity, or Saul the plumber - The important thing is what he did and how the people regarded him for doing it. There can be no question that the people of his time did not regard his nudity as a sin but as a sign that he was a man of God.

...but it's often not an ATTRACTIVE state!

I appreciate these laws for eliminating the VISUAL BLIGHT that accompanies 90% of all nudists. Sags, rolls, scars, stretch marks, and thirty pounds of flab need to be covered up.....PLEASE!

Visual Blight

You are very correct in stating that some nudists look better than others.
How about. we set a date where all nudists show up on the beach and you decide which 10% are allowed to stay. Since you have proven to be very open minded, I’m sure that you can be trusted to not allow any age or sex discrimination influence your decision.

This comment is just plain

This comment is just plain stupid - it advocates for laws that would make it illegal to be in public if you are ugly, so that one would one have to see people that are pretty. Get over it, sir.

What's with your screen name, anyway?? Seems like you have issues.


You exemplify what is wrong in our society, and why we have so many people with mental illness. I am sure you are just perfect.


Telling fat people that they're fat makes them crazy?


Encouraging people to constantly obsess over their perceived flaws certainly can. I guess you could care less about your fellow man, well done.

Well, the weak minds go first

If a person is fat and someone tells them that they're fat the best response should be "I know" or "No kidding!"

I guess if you're fat but lie to yourself about how you look you can crack-up when someone speaks the truth to you.

When the nudists start looking more like Julia Roberts and less like the late Rodney Dangerfield, I'll fully support the right to prance about naked on the beach.

Bird Island-nude

It seem to me that you are saying that people should not have the right to skinny dip because all do not have the perfect bodies stylized in magazines ant the movies.

Oh, you have the right as far as I'm concerned

The law, however, says that you don't.

Meanwhile, think of the number of lost lunches because of your public nudism.

It's like smoking. You have a right to lie out nude, but you don't have a right to make me wish I was blind.

Smoking makes you wish that you are blind?

Smoking makes you wish that you are blind? I’m afraid that you have lost me. Please explain.

Nude is biblical? Do you

Nude is biblical? Do you just pick and choose Bible passages to try to support your argument? Yes, Adam and Eve were nude when God created them but what happened after the first sin? Genesis 3:7 "Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings." Then in verse 10, God calls to them and Adam replies "I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself." So their very first thought was "I'm naked, I should hide and put some clothes on before someone sees me naked."

the original text for "made

the original text for "made themselves coverings" is the word "chagowr" which means loin covering. So Eve was still toppless AFTER the sin. Try telling your sunday school class that.
And where did they bathe? Nudity around water was sooo common. Don't be a Pharisee and add rules/regulations to the Bible. The very poor had no clothes, they may have been ashamed, but only about their life status not about their body.
Grow up people, we all have the same stuff.


I believe in Jesus Christ, who came and died for my sins, and the sins of humanity, including Adam and Eve's. Many times in the bible, the Gospel was spread by nude Disciples. Please show me where in the bible it specifically forbids nudity? Certainly not one of the 10 Commandments. Sin lies in lust, not nudity, violence is much more damaging than the human body ever could be.

Many times the Gospel was

Many times the Gospel was spread by nude disciples? Please show me the 'many' chapters and verses where this stated.

So you don't think naked bodies would increase the amount of lusting? If there's nothing wrong with it, then why don't we just let all our kids go to school naked? I'm sure there's no correlation between nakedness and lusting.

Free country?

Why does this country remain imprisoned by the narrow-minded views of religious zealots? Anti-nudity laws should be the territory of the Taliban and al Qaeda, not the United States of America.


Linda, I am atheist and I don't want to see anyone naked at the beach. blahhhh

Please learn not to look

Please learn not to look then. Maybe they do not wish to see YOU either, but you have a right to be there, yes?

A right to be there

A right to be there: Yes. A right to be there naked: No.