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NO PORT discusses environmental impact, announces contest winner

READ MORE: NO PORT discusses environmental impact, announces contest winner
Interested citizens filled the Southport Community Building. They listened intently to presentations about environmental impacts of the proposed international terminal that the state ports authority is planning for Southport. NO PORT Southport member, Susan Toth said, "We felt as though these would be ideal people to be talking to. A group that could present their areas of expertise and it would be an un-biased approach." Attendees asked questions of the panel, consisting of professionals from UNCW, the North Carolina Coastal Federation, and the US Geological Survey. "I'm a small business owner so I believe in capitalism and I'm interested in the trade-off's between what the benefits might be for the state versus potentially the environmental impacts," said Oak Island’s Dennis Maner. NO PORT Southport recently challenged people to come up with the best alternate idea of what to build on the 600 acres of land where the port would be. "This is a great opportunity. This is a site that should not be spoiled by a port," said Frank Bausch. Frank took first prize and $500 for his idea of an energy park. "There would be five energy producers. One display of nuclear power, one of storage technology, one is a wind site, one is a tidal power. Two are solar - one concentrated power and one solar voltaic rays - and one fun thing- geothermal heat pumps." NO PORT Southport plans to present the winning entry to Governor Perdue. Bausch plans to present his idea at a renewable energy summit hosted by Congressman Mike McIntyre in July.

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NO PORT Southport

It seems from these comments "Money talks, environment walks". The seniors who did attend the meeting have lived longer and learned the effects that some types of development that can truly destroy the environment. I do want smart growth and development not just because they "Promise" higher paying jobs. It's time for our leaders and the American people to become educated about the decisions we make today so our future children will have clean water, air and to make smart choices regarding our growth.

Southport Port

It appears that many of the people that don't want the port in Southport are retired yankees.

You got something against

You got something against Yankees Dan? I think it's a community choice not the retired Yankees. Get off the civil war already and welcome yourself into the new millennium!

What sense does it make to

What sense does it make to put a port between 2 already in place hazards? Sooner or later (it will happen someday) something is going ot go very wrong at Progress Energy or Sunny Point. When it does, it will shut down everything in the area. The port might be a good idea, but, not in the proposed location. I am not even an environmentalist, so what if the woodpeckers become extinct, or a turtle beaches itself? It happens. I don't believe in this global warming crap. Just another hoax to bilk, control, and tax Americans. But, the chosen location for the port is a bad one, regardless of any environmental impact. Seems like a lot of folks don't feel that those who live in and around Southport should have any control or voice as to what happens in their area. They are the ones who should have a say. I hope that the plans for the port are abandoned, at least in this area.


So sad that every issue becomes a race or cultural side arguement. I am a southerner, local for more than 20 years, and I oppose the port. Why poop where you sleep?

I agree, it is sad. I was

I agree, it is sad. I was not claiming to be a Yankee or a Southerner, just a good ole fashioned American guy! When everyone else looks at it that way, then we will become a greater nation.


Yea....why would we want more industry, jobs and money in our these people are crazy!

think differently

Would you ever consider the fact that quality of life, salaries and home prices would go UP with less development? Think about supply and demand. There is a "right" amount of development for any community, and we have passed it. Also consider that large tracts of land will NEVER be reassembled and reclaimed from industry. Once they are ruined, they are gone forever to development and sprawl.

Ummmm yes

Yes...I can only hope that home prices WILL go up being in the housing industry!

hilton head

then consider that home values will increase if we preserve Wilmington as a scenic, coastal town - not an overpopulated, industrial,metropolitan goliath.

Your "sprawl"....

...pays a boatload of salaries and dividends for investors. Some of us, even old goats like me, realize that our grandchildren will need jobs more than another golf course, marina, or our dusty old memories of wide open spaces. BTW, the development genie is NOT going back in that bottle. As long as people keep coming here and others keep producing offspring, we will watch the natural growth and development that must naturally occur. You can't stop it.


You must have voted for Saffo and his cronies. Every city and county planning board has a responsibility to recycle the vacant developed properties in their jurisdiction BEFORE they allow clear cutting and paving of every square inch of undeveloped green space. It's a new century. Global warming, green technology, and environmental conservation are facts of reality that must be dealt with. When all of the houses on the market are sold, and the people who are "on the dole" from taxpayer's money have jobs - or leave to find them, there will be an equilibrium in our local area. The job, housing, and tax markets will adjust, and housing will become more valuable, jobs will pay better, and taxes will rise - then fall as they are adjusted. Think it through. Preserve Wilmington and New Hanover county, don't make it Newark,NJ.

stupid. Leave it to those

stupid. Leave it to those who have only a vested interest of 10 or so years to dictate what economic impact this can have. All they are concerned about is there taxes. They dont want tax increases because they have raised their kids, they have jobs, and screw the rest of us.......trying to develop our kids future. I wish they would stay where they came from. Oh but they would say, "we pay taxes too." Yep they are right until they get sick, and want to move back to be next to theirs. Still in the end, we would have nothing. Screw it all, bring the port and a lot more.