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NoPort Southport meets with Boiling Spring Lakes residents

READ MORE: NoPort Southport meets with Boiling Spring Lakes residents
Officials in nearby Boiling Spring Lakes have organized a series of meetings to help educate residents on all sides of the issue. Thursday night they heard from the opposition group NoPort Southport. Boiling Spring Lakes residents came with questions and comments, but mainly to listen, as members of NoPort Southport gave a presentation on the proposed international terminal. William Sraver is among the residents who are on the fence. He said, “I want to hear facts that I can really digest and consider. I don’t think at this point we have enough information to make that kind of decision.” Others have their minds made up. "This is not a good thing for Boiling Spring Lakes, or any of the communities around here," said Boiling Spring Lakes resident, Barbara Lissenden. "I've been to several meetings and I've done some reading and it seems to me that the Wilmington port would handle all that they need." A main concern in Boiling Spring Lakes is traffic. Highway 87, which runs right though the city, is a direct shot from Southport to Highway 17. Other concerns on the table Thursday night revolved around questioning the number of jobs the port would bring, rail access and environmental impacts. Residents who are keeping an open mind say they will be right back in this room next week, when Ports Authority officials are front and center. The meeting is next Thursday at the Boiling Spring Lakes Community Center.

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No problem with industry and

No problem with industry and jobs in the right places of Brunswick County, but a huge port where this one is proposed? Not good. I support anybody and everybody that delays or causes all plans for this monstrosity to be completely terminated.


I'm from Brunswick County and this place is 30 years behind regular civilization in terms of industry, etc. You'd think us good ol' boys would want more jobs to come to the area seeing as North Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. Change is going to come to this county whether you like or not. This is only delaying the inevitable.

I assure you that there are

I assure you that there are a lot of folks in BSL that are not retired Yankees. There are plenty of Southerners here, too. Some are retired, some not. Why should the residents of Southport, BSL and other surrounding areas not have an opinion about something that will destroy the area? If you want a job, go somewhere else where there is a lot of industry (like up North). We already have Sunny Point and Progress Energy, both ticking time bombs. Now a group wants to put a state port between these two hazards. This makes the least sense of any proposal I have ever heard of in this state.

You identified Sunny Point

You identified Sunny Point as a ticking time bomb. But Sunnypoint was there decades before Boiling Springs lakes was even thought abought. You are in that same group that didn't want the walmart to be built in southport, to keep the area a village and never change. Communities have to grow inorder to be viable and provide jobs for our youth and newcommers. BSL realestate could due for a boost as it has been depressed for a while.

re:NoPort Southport meets with Boiling Spring Lakes residents

Lets get the new port here. The people that living in Boiling Springs are a bunch of retired yankees. We need the jobs here badly. Plus it can always be used to bring in Cruise Ships. Cruise ships cant make it up the river with the power lines or for their draft. The modern cruise ships. Can you imagine the types of cruises that leave out of Miami making it to Wilmington. They would be the biggest thing in Wilmington.

You truly must be another

You truly must be another one of the northerners that move to our south but when you get here you want it like it was back home and think they know more about the history of the area than the true natives. A majority of the residents of BSL were born and raised in Brunswick County and fellow the same road leads back out of town that you came in on so take it back up north and get a job!!

No Port!

I am not a retired Yankee and I do not want the Port to come to Southport. We moved from Hampstead because it lost of all it's charm with the new highways, who in their right mind wants dump trucks, 18 wheeler's, etc. coming down 87. It is hard enough to get out of BSL without traffic lights during school hours, I can't even imagine what it will be like with all of that additional traffic. I don't want to worry about what chemicals or other things they might be transporting into our area. Let it go somewhere else.

Really? You people need to go move wayyyyy away.

"I don't want to worry about what chemicals or other things they might be transporting into our area. Let it go somewhere else." Haha, what about Sunny Point? It is the largest ammunition port in the nation...just because you can't see what they bring in doesn't make it any different! If you want to move somewhere that has "charm" get away from the coast....You can't move to a developing (as slow as it may be) area, like BSL, and expect it to just stay stagnant - things just stay the way they are. 87 needs to be widened badly, and the fact that BSL doesn't have traffic lights is just plain stupid. I am all for the port, the jobs it will bring and hopefully all the money into the area.

"I am all for the port, the

"I am all for the port, the jobs it will bring and hopefully all the money into the area." Pinch yourself because you're dreaming. This will be a near fully automated operation hence the jobs numbers put forth by port proponents has already been seriously questioned. What you get is the traffic and pollution, people in office suites far from Southport reap the rewards. Stop drinking the kool-aid and do some due diligence. BTW it's making you xenophobic.