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No property tax increase for Brunswick County

Brunswick County residents were spared a property tax increase. Commissioners voted on the county budget last night. County Commissioner Bill Sue said in order to keep property taxes from going up, the county had to tighten the belt in other places. The county won't be adding any new positions in the coming budget year. Commissioner Sue said communication programs aimed at informing the public of emergency situations also took a hit. The programs were cut from the new budget. Two-point-five million dollars set aside last year will carry over, to fund a new senior center. "We look at priorities. And after all, 37 percent of our total population is seniors. In fact we have more seniors than we do youth and school age. And, we've got to look out for their welfare and their needs," said Sue. The senior center was supposed to be built in Southport, but because of a conflict with the county's youth soccer program, commissioners are looking at other possible locations. Commissioner Sue said much of the budgetary constraints are due to rising gas prices. He said county fuel expenses are up over one million dollars from last year.

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Brunswick County Taxes

Kudos to Brunswick County officials for not following the chorus of other cites and county's. We, the residents know how difficult it is to balance our budgets with ever increasing gas and food prices. It is refreshing to see in this instance, the elected officials worked FOR THE RESIDENTS and VOTERS. Excellent job done in Brunswick. If voters in New Hanover and the city of Wilmington want responsibility, Take your officials to the curb. Especially Boseman. She demonstrates along with Rep Wright, the utter contempt for the voters by not paying her taxes, and the sleight of hand deed transfer. Wilmington, it's time for you to change the management.

Thank you

As a Brunswick County resident and taxpayer, I would like to say thank you to the Commissioners for taking a common sense approach to taxation. Imagine, political leaders who choose to make adjustments to the budget instead of blindly increasing taxes! What a concept!! I hope that other political leaders in the area will follow suit. Let's keep leaders like this in office.

BrunwicK County

I think I just misspelled a whole county... sorry BrunswicK County.

Good for Brunswich County

It seems our area officials are beginning to move in the right direction. Kudos to Brunswick County in stabilizing the budget AND considering priorities. Voting (them out or in) is the decisive maneuver.

Let them know

Let New Hanover know who has compassion for the home owners of the county. Good job, all. Hopefully that intelligence and compassion will spread to New Hanover County and the commissioners over here! WAY TO GO, whew, for the residents CAN plan to deal with the ever increasing prices of gas and food. You all should be proud!

how good of a job there

how good of a job there doing? the county commissioners are hardly doing a good job! the way they are cutting cost is the county employees are going to suffer, you know the ones that actually do the WORK! they are cutting the health benefits, and have been getting done wrong with their pay for years and the commissioners give the county manager a bonus when he " saves " the county money but it is at the county employees expense! If the county commissioners actualy cared about the people in the county they would make sure that the people who worked for the people of the couty were taken care of but they dont. I wouldnt be suprised if the commissioners gave the county manager another bonus. I would love for the commissioners to let the people of Brunswick Co. know how much the manager has made during his employment with the county. and i would like to know what other county receives a bonus for just doing their job. i hope the people of brunswick county are confident in the fact that the people that are working for them keep getting shafted by the commissioners and the county manager! i think its time to replace the commissioners and the county manager!!!!!