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Do you think the fountain at 5th & Market should be moved so drivers will stop hitting it?

No! If drivers can't get around that fountain they shouldn't be driving in the first place.
83% (379 votes)
Yes, I hate trying to navigate that intersection.
15% (69 votes)
Don't know / Don't care
2% (10 votes)
Total votes: 458

We have city-maintained roads...

that are full of pot holes, a downtown that smells like a urinal on Saturday and Sunday mornings...yet City Council is more concerned about a fountain that occassionaly gets hit by a drunk driver.


Who can not see this large lovely fountain while driving? Of course it shouldn't be moved ! I can't imagine many over the years have run into it!! what, a drunk here and texter there? That's their problem. Move their car to another area, perhaps the junk yard.

The only idea To "protect the fountain" that makes sense is not ugly signs or metal rails. Perhaps attractive lights aimed at the fountain to enhance it and help these visually impaired people see it.

Why not?

Why not place some of the metal or concrete barriers that are put around other places to prevent terrorist attacks? Surely it would be cheaper than trying to move it and would protect the fountain. The sad thing is that it has to be protected because people are either too drunk, inattentive or just to foolish to realize it is there


The historical society might have something to say about metal barriers or even reflectors being placed on the fountain.

I'm just guessing, though.

Given how this City Council....

like to spend money, two of the options presented were additional signs costing $800 OR spending $400,000 to move it. My guess is that Council would spend $400,000. After all, the fountain is a "landmark".


that over 80% of respondents said do not move, you're probably right on. Spend the $400,000 and move it to the blighted site where they hope to city slicker the city property tax payers by building that ballpark.

Then they could use the current fountain site as an off site ticket window for baseball. Have some type of drive through so buyers of baseball tickets do not evn have to get out of their vehicles.

Driving while stupid

They should send a cop down there at the drunk and stupid hour (2 AM) and bust every drunk that drives by. This would serve three purposes. 1. Get the drunks off the road sooner. 2.Make the city or whoever gets the money a lot of dollars.3. Save that beautiful fountain.

it's not the fountains fault

How about a little more personal responsibility in this country. If people would stop their selfish, irresponsible acts of drinking and driving, or texting and driving, then the poor fountain wouldn't get crashed into so often. And by the way people, IT IS NOT A ROUNDABOUT, and the signs that say NO LEFT TURN, really do apply to everyone, not everyone but you. Leave the fountain alone, don't waste my tax dollars to move something that is only causing problems for the idiot few.

Kenan Memorial Fountain

This is a unique piece of architecture in the historic area of Wilmington. Visitors and new residents are impressed with this memorial. Skilled and sober drivers have no difficulty navigating around the fountain. Please do not relocate.

Historical significance

Historical significance should trump carelessness. How many vehicles per day at this ineresection times 365 ? How many crashes per year ? Per decade ? Market Street from Water Street to 23 rd Street is a treasure that must be protected.

Why do people always blame

Why do people always blame the roads for their accidents? Curve too sharp...then slow down. Fountain in the middle of the road...go around it. duh!!