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If the election were held today, who would you vote for in the 9th District State Senate race?

Thom Goolsby
41% (315 votes)
Deb Butler
53% (406 votes)
4% (29 votes)
Don't know / don't care.
2% (19 votes)
Total votes: 769

Please count my vote!

I voted for Senator Goolsby early yesterday. Senator Goolsby, along with the current NC General Assembly, has passed legislation that will open the state to business & JOBS. He simplified government regulation AND BALANCED THE BUDGET, WITHOUT RAISING TAXES.

Showing tools used to test before an abortion on TV is a cheap shot, at best. Thank goodness Thom Goolsby will not stand in public with the actual tool used for abortion, to get votes. I am a woman and I believe in and work toward equality for all Americans, but I resent the 'woman card' played in such a way for votes, and votes alone.

SURPRISE The doctor used in

SURPRISE The doctor used in the latest Deb Butler for Senate ad is an abortionist and runs an abortion clinic. See what Elizabeth and others have to say about Crist Takey MD in Jacksonville, NC January 26th of this year. January 26, 2012 worst experience EVER. NIGHTMARE ABORTION done by DR. CRIST, I DO NOT recommend this place OR this Dr., ....

FACT: This ultrasound technique was implemented by the Democratic legislature in 1994.
FACT: The latest Deb Butler ad features Crist Takey MD Facog FACS, Jacksonville, NC -(910)353-2115- He does perform abortions at this clinic and COULD THIS DOCTOR ALSO PERFORM PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS? In NC, any abortions after 20 weeks have to be done in a hospital licensed by the state. But the indignant doc in her follow-up ad has run an abortion clinic for 40 years and has a clear economic interest in seeing Deb Butler elected to the NC Senate'as well as the pro-choice groups that support Deb financially.
FACT: Deb Butler will not support the majority NC vote for the marriage amendment - . How does this work for all voters?
FACT: Deb Butler is receiving donations for pro-choice and pro-homosexual groups to purport their obvious agendas. NC and national groups want this candidate - MUST - win to continue their left wing bent! How can she represent us - the constituency fairly?

Not only did I vote here I

Not only did I vote here I voted early for Goolsby on Wednesday

Any Deb Butler supporters want to say why I should vote for her?

Any Deb Butler supporters want to say why I should vote for her?

Deb represents the Statist

Deb represents the Statist policies that are proving to be failures all over the planet.

Deb Butler is so

Deb Butler is so disingenuous and inflammatory. Look at the facts! Please research the following links yourself to become more familiar with the facts! Thom Goolsby and the current legislature did NOT impose this ultrasound on the woman, the Democratic legislature-1994! The entire current legislature wanted was the woman to see the same ultrasound. Wouldn't you want to as a woman undergoing an abortion, etc.? Wouldn't you want to make a decision based upon ALL information available? Further, Deb Butler will not support YOUR vote for the marriage amendment. Again, follow the link. How can she represent us all fairly and with full access to information, when these ads are intended to sway the vote at all cost without ramifications? This is truly sad and presents a grave leadership potential. Critical and sound thinking would bring most to the same conclusion. Do your own research and vote responsibly! Thom brought much fiscal and responsible legislation to us all, including the change in forced annexation which affected many. The budgets are in line and the future is only going to go FORWARD! Vote for Thom for your security, your children's security and the future of our state. Don't buy the hysteria or hypocrisy! Why do these out-of-state groups want to invest their money into this campaign - Lillian's List, Emily’s List, Women’s Campaign Fund, Victory Fund, NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, and other pro-choice/liberal groups? Do your research, please -
and § 90-21.85. "Perform an obstetric real-time view of the unborn child on the pregnant woman." and

Deb for Senate

Her latest ad is even more powerful than the Ultrasound Wand ad.

The 'JOBS!' Senator went to Raleigh, sponsored 41 bills, and NOT ONE of them was a JOBS! bill. He can't run on his record, because his record is defunding planned parenthood (a law that is now sucking up taxpayer money as it winds through the court system), taking $1 billion from public education by not extending the 1 cent sales tax (something that a majority of NC citizens said they didn't mind paying), cutting NC Association of Educators from being able to pay dues directly from their paychecks (while letting EVERY other public sector job maintain their dues through paychecks), and of course he voted to make it super-extra hard for a woman to have an abortion.

Deb Butler will work for jobs. She will work for equal rights and will keep the state government out of our bedrooms and doctor's offices.


How do you know this? Where's her record on these claims?

Goolsby's record is public

Goolsby's record is public information. Go to the NC General Assembly website. You can see all his bills and his votes. Deb Butler is telling the truth. He really didn't sponsor a single jobs bill.

Occupy Wilmington were

Occupy Wilmington were clients of Deb Butler's law firm. She must be a fantastic advocate if they're so supportive as is suggested by "Ashamed IML". I appreciate Deb's honesty and transparency. I wish others would emulate her. For example, I'd like to know who all Mitt Romney's, Pat McCrory's and Thom Goolsby's clients are...alas...

Ghoulsby is desperate and

Ghoulsby is desperate and hysterical. He has messed with women and our dignity and rights. He deserves to be TROUNCED for oh-so-many reasons.

GOP scare tactic

Here we go again. Just like the Red scare of the 50's and 60's. Well look who is still around and who in shambles.

Teabaggers just can't get it through their heads that gov't is built on compromise. The Founding Fathers compromised on the D. of Ind. and the Const. None of the factions trying to influence what went into them got everything they wanted.

It is no different today. The teabaggers are not going to win. They have tied up Congress for 2 years. Even with that the economy has gotten better.

Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers would never have compromised our Liberties and Freedoms. That is what they gave everything up for---FREEDOM.


IF the economy was doing better, which it isn't, then it would have been a DIRECT RESULT of the Republicans STOPPING the crap that was happening when the DemoRats were running the table. A DO NOTHING a GOOD CONGRESS!


This poll will not permit re-voting. Just tried it; will not accept a second vote.

You're going with the vote

You're going with the vote early; vote often principle? I also tried to vote again. In the words of Marlee, "I wish I could vote for Deb Butler SIX times!"

Conservatives for Occupy

Listen, if you are really a conservative and if you care about the Constitution, you would stand beside The FIRST amendments right of free speech. You don't have to like what they say, but you gotta stand for their right to say it. Once they shut them up, they are coming for the Tea Party next.

This poll will be skewed

because the rabid fans of Occupy Deb will vote over and over and over and over and over and over again. No one but the hard core leftists in this district will vote for Occupy Deb.

The same might be said

for the opposition. Polls like this are useless...done just to drag people to the WWAY page...which is fine.

My question is...What has Goolsby done that you think makes him deserving of re-election? Not his "beliefs" his actual accomplishments.

You are in ScewTown!!

Wow. That's excellent news. She's gonna run away with it and then we'll see that hard core leftists RUN THE TOWN!!! WHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Just joking with ya. All races, creeds, demographs and naysayers can see that she is the only serious one in the race. I was born here, and volunteer all the time. I see Ms Butler out among the people every week. I have yet to see Mr Goolsby do one kind deed. No matter how many folks he gives a couple of bucks to to stir up the poo, he will still lose. Folks are not stupid. He would be as unavailable if elected as he is now for comment on these issues.

So I guess it's more ok for

So I guess it's more ok for you to have Mr. Goolsby and his cohorts to occupy women's vaginas and wombs?

to "ashamed," you couldn't

to "ashamed," you couldn't be further from the truth, I'm not a hardcore leftist, or even leftist at all. But I don't care to be represented by a hardcore Teaparty guy either.

I will only vote for Deb

I will only vote for Deb this time, plus my early real vote for her last week.

dear ashamed of ILM

You wish! Ur, uh, I ASSume that you are male. Are you happy with legislation that makes your wife or daughter or women friends little girls who cannot decide what to do with their reproductive organs? Are public schools important to you or will your kids go to the slick private ones? No, if we are RABID, it's with good reason. Yes, frankly I am mad as hell at the men who do not represent me diddling with increasing their power instead of supporting education and creating jobs. Ur, can you tell me one job that Goolsby has created? Oh , maybe he hired another servant, but............

Vote with your brain

not with emotion. You sound like you have just followed the media and not done any independent research on your own.
Since when is it the governments responsibility to create jobs!? People need to get out of the gimmie and intitlement mindset and create their own jobs!
No, public schools are not important to me as the government should not be in the business of educating children as evident by Student performance numbers. Yes, my child does go to one of those "slick" private ones, and I should not have to pay for your brood to go to public ones. With a 77% graduation rate for the state, and 33% of 3rd -8th graders not reading and not performing in math at their grade level, you should be ashamed and embarrased to send your child to a government school.
Vote how you like, thats what is great about the USA.