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What do you think Congress should do as the "fiscal cliff" nears?

Raise taxes
5% (14 votes)
Cut spending
54% (165 votes)
Raise taxes and cut spending
34% (103 votes)
5% (16 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
2% (7 votes)
Total votes: 305

To Erlkoenig

Obama supporters??? You mean that MAJORITY of folks who voted for his successful re-election? Time to move "FORWARD" and get over your sour grapes. Ya'll lost, my man.

The Marxists will of course

The Marxists will of course what higher taxes, cause they think less money in the private sector equates to a utopia.

Those who understand economics see the need to cut off the freeloaders (Obama supporters).

Erl, stop hogging the

Erl, stop hogging the computer.... Give your grandchildren a chance to play on it for once in a while. When you do, be sure to clean up your drool from the keyboard.