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Do you think the Mayor of Calabash should have been stripped of her mayoral powers for re-doing her office floor?

29% (83 votes)
51% (146 votes)
Don't know / Don't care
20% (57 votes)
Total votes: 286


This seems to be blown out of proportion. Looks like a power struggle to me. I'm on the mayors side!

There has got to be more to

There has got to be more to this story than just remodeling office.

Mayor of Calabash

Considering that this Mayor has only tried to improve the town as a whole, and she had the approval of the Town Administrator, she did nothing wrong. The board that she has to work with (basically ONE PERSON in particular) wants to stifle any real progress at every turn. This should correct itself next year. But in the interim, they make a very negative environment for her and the entire town's progress, This is a minor matter blown out of proportion...again.

Calabash Mayor

This is the result of a witch hunt that started last November after she won the election. Old habits are hard to erase from towns and their boards. She will prevail and Mr. Nance will go away in 2013 election.


This should not be blown up to big..... the mayor may not have thought this was a big deal! I think this may damage her image and the town. she should be able to redeem herself.But i dont know all the facts and i want take sides. this may be a little bit to much....