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Will you be home for Christmas?

Yep. All of my family is here.
75% (347 votes)
Nope. I'm taking a much-needed vacation.
6% (30 votes)
I unfortunately will be working.
12% (55 votes)
I don't celebrate Christmas.
7% (33 votes)
Total votes: 465

You don't have a category

You don't have a category that fits me.

I don't have all my family here, but I'm staying home.

We have our family holiday at Thanksgiving, so I travel then. But I stay home at Christmas, and just visit by phone and internet.


I will be working making sure the govt has enough money for food stamps, section 8, obama phones, disability payments, electricity vouchers, and medicaid.


Thank you! Good to know it will be there if I ever need it.

govt. money

if you say you are making sure the government has enough money to pay for all of the above, you should be fired! you are doing a lousy job to say the least as we are in debt over 16 trillion dollars! who is your supervisor?

My goodness, is there

My goodness, is there anything we CAN'T blame on the president?

The truth

I do not think he was blaming the President, folks that have those phones actually do call them OBAMA phones. It is unfortunate that person has to work......i bet they wish they could stay with their family during the holidays. Working85 maybe you should just stop working and get your free stuff like everyone else. Bless you though for your strong work ethic. I too work and am fortunate to be off on Christmas.

What are you?

What, are you getting each of these subsidies? That's the only way you could be for these things.


Tax cuts.