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How do you think Bill Saffo has done so far as Mayor of Wilmington?

Very well
13% (58 votes)
9% (39 votes)
22% (98 votes)
Not so well
19% (82 votes)
37% (165 votes)
Total votes: 442


On the whole has not been too bad. The BIG problem for me has been the ramming of the convention center down our throats. This has left a bitter taste in many voter's mouths. Conventioneering is a dying industry - being killed off by economics and technology. We can now sit in our offices and attend seminars and symposiums remotely - saving company's hundreds of thousands of dollars - but he insisted on building it anyway. Now, CC supporters are using any figures they can possibly twist to make it look like it's successful. The bottom line is - does it make money? 99% of their meetings are one day affairs with less than 100 attendees.
The answer simply is NO - and may be the reason why the city has not released the CAFR for 2012 yet.
Otherwise - Saffo has not been all that bad, and the city has come through the trough of the recession in fairly good shape.
It's a shame this one mistake may tarnish his entire Mayoral service record.