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Do you think the work on the Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge will be finished by April's deadline?

4% (9 votes)
70% (143 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
25% (51 votes)
Total votes: 203

Outside of WB residents why would anybody care?

Can anyone say dual "License plate scanning and background check system"? Every time one enters or leaves WB?

I'm always totally compliant with the law, but this still offends the crap out of me.

I'd rather give up business than go there. Sometime you just have to take a moral position against things you feel are wrong.

It would matter... me if I ever intended to go back to Wrightsville Beach.

That's a resounding

vote of "No Confidence" in the DOT




This is the DOT we are talking about. Have you ever known them to finish anything on time or ahead of schedule. It is amazing how they have all this time just to stand and watch the cars drive by. You wonder why aren't they working? It seems they have been told this is our last job and when you finish there is no more work. I know this is not true but this is the best description of the way they work.