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How would you feel if Harris Teeter sold to another grocery store company like Publix?

I'd be sad, I love my Teeter
61% (290 votes)
I'd be glad, I'd love another choice in town
19% (91 votes)
I don't shop there so I don't care
19% (91 votes)
Total votes: 472

I like Harris Teeter but

I like Harris Teeter but LOVE LOVE LOVE Publix. I think it would be great to get one here.

I've been shopping at HT for

I've been shopping at HT for more than a decade, and just recently started working for them. As far as a sale goes, my answer is a very firm 'NO'. If they do sell, however, I think I'd just stop shopping there and quit, because I don't want it to be sold and the HQ taken out of the local market. Charlotte needs all of the businesses it can get, after the banking collapse. Publix would be a horrid option, because their advance on the Charlotte market was obnoxious to the point where they sent people in to poach employees from HT and Lowes Foods before the latter left Charlotte. I have no interest in patronizing a company with shady practices like that. I have no opinion on Kroger or any other supermarket because frankly, in the rare occasions that I shopped there, there was precisely nothing remarkable about them. The only thing I remember about Ingles, for instance, was that it reminded me of Walmart, and that's a bad thing for someone who hates that place. It would be a sad thing to happen, but if it must, they can count me out.


Publix would be a MUCH better option than Kroger.

Harris Teeter

If it turned into a Piggly Wiggly, I'd be super happy!

It would be a bad thing for

It would be a bad thing for this community to for HT to either close or sell out. If the inevitable were to happen, rather they sell to Publix than Kroger or any other food chain.

I love Harris Teeter but I

I love Harris Teeter but I really love Publix. This would be agreat thing. Many trips to Fl. and shop at Publix while there. GREAT STORE

me too

Shop at Publix when we are down south but I wonder if they will carry the same things we find there.

Flaw in your question

Not to be "that person" but there is a flaw in your second question of this poll. If HT was bought out by another company, say Kroger, there would not be "another" choice in town. There would be the exact same number of choices. We currently have Lowes, Food Lion and Harris Teeter. Kroger buys out Harris Teeter and we have Lowes, Food Lion and Kroger. Three choices either way.

I'm bored at the moment if you can't tell...

If you're bored, maybe you

If you're bored, maybe you need a hobby or could perhaps volunteer at a local shelter. The people commenting here are just expressing their feelings.