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Do you think pedestrian bridges over College Rd. are a good idea?

73% (306 votes)
21% (90 votes)
Don't know / don't care
6% (25 votes)
Total votes: 421

Bad Idea!

Just like science, math and medicine. I also think electricity in metal wires or "devils magic" as I call it is a bad idea along with cars... a passing fad. I just hope they never put a car overpass at College and Oleander, whoever they are.

Great idea

The design should be interesting. I would hope that it would be wide enough for someone to walk a bike across it as well, after carrying it up some stairs I assume.
The crossover near New Hanover High is fairly narrow so I'm hoping this one is slightly wider.


UNCW is a state agency

Since UNCW is a state agency, why not have them fund it directly? Seriously, $3 million for a bridge because people aren't capable of crossing without texting? Pay attention!

No turn on red, and a phase in the signal where the crosswalk is protected would go a long way at not alot of cost. That could even be done at both ends of the campus since anyone entering at the opposite end isn't going to walk down to the bridge.


When you count turn lanes that road is 10 lanes wide. If you delay traffic THAT long even with pedestrians running across it - you would get some drivers pretty mad.
As for people NOT using it?
Thats easy. Put a UNCW cop at the base of it on the UNCW side. Ticket anyone crossing the road and not using the elevated crosswalk.
They could also use one at NH Regional as many employees are parking across the street now.



You put a bridge over Eastwood Rd&old military cutoff rd near Mayfair town center.
I use to walk home from Landfall&wendys way back longtime ago,
everybody at Wendys were worry about me walking home.I lived,
Wrightsville beach near wrightsville ave.It might be good idea to put bridge over S.Colleges.I see a p walk way in North raleigh,NC,
NCSU&Meredith Colleges.

Its dangers walking on side of rd you see people doing it if they have cars to drive.

PS.I would appercite you don;t print my name.


Too late JoAnn Dixon

You shouldn't have put your name at the top of your post if you didn't want it printed.




They will walk around it so as not to climb stairs. I know I would.