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Do you think there are enough parking spaces at Wrightsville Beach for a new Joe's Crab Shack?

19% (80 votes)
62% (265 votes)
Don't know / Don't care
19% (83 votes)
Total votes: 428

Really? At least make t a Joes Ston Crab but a non local, local

Another crappy seafood restaurant that cooks Asian and South American seafood at our LOCAL beach? Really??? BARF!~~~
If it HAS to be Joe's and it HAS to be crabs, how about at least do a Joe’s Stone Crab Instead....
I mean… A crab shack that doesn't sell local crab? Only thing worth a flip at the beach dinner wise is Tower 7.. At least put something good over there if I have to pay $345 to a parking meter to pay where I eat...
Must be someone who lives at the beach who wants to open it or finance it, because the snobs over there would make it impossible for anyone else other that an islander to open as much as a hot dog cart…

Seems to me there will be

Seems to me there will be plenty of parking at WB since many of us won't go there anymore because of the cost.