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Should North Carolina end its de facto moratorium on the death penalty?

55% (350 votes)
43% (274 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
2% (11 votes)
Total votes: 635


North Carolina is considering changing the law to make it EASIER to execute people who might not have received the fair trial guaranteed by the US Constitution? Seriously? And announces this new effort on the same day that Maryland abolishes its death penalty? I am an Arizona capital defense lawyer and can tell you, what North Carolina is considering is even more racist than Arizona's controversial immigration bills. North Carolina, how can you recognize an error leading to injustice, fix it, and then seek to hit the delete button? Taking steps BACKWARDS should be no one's goal.

Yup seriously...

Enough with the race card BS. No one is impressed that you are a bottom feeding lawyer. In what ways are Arizona's immigration bills racist? You mean because they seek to enforce the laws of the land? Injustice is some scum of the earth murder sitting around watching tv for 20yrs on my tax dollars.

don't end the moratorim

many people might not under stand what this question means. you asked it very awkwardly.

to end the moratorium would mean to allow the death penalty again - many people might think that by voting "yes" they are actually voting against the death penalty, because it looks like they are voting yes to ending it.

the death penalty has shown again and again to kill innocents, to have no effect on crime rates and to focus mainly on black people.
as it is useless as a deterrent (look up the studies), as it mainly targets black people, and as it has killed so many innocents in horrific ways, i think it should be something relegated to the past, and instead we should have working jails, where one must earn one's dinner.


It focuses manly on black people? Before you make a statement like that, please look at the facts:
The rate of offender per 100,000 people in America by RACE:
White: 4.5%
Black: 34.4

The rate of victim per 100,00 people in America by RACE:
White: 4.5%
Black: 27.8

What does this say? That black Americans represent the majority of offenders AND victims. Wow, is that racist? I don't think so, it appears that it is RACIST to IGNORE this. By these numbers, white Americans are being subjected to unfair treatment by the fact that they're white, having a second review of the decided facts in a trial because the offender is BLACK.

End the moratorium, PLEASE.

Stats: (

end NC de facto moratorium on the death penalty?

With DNA evidence, many people on death row have been proved innocent. Certainly, prejudice has been a factor in some cases in some locations. So before putting someone to death it is only right and wise to examine all evidence and the conduct of trials to assure justice, never mind the time and cost. But Why a death penalty? It is the expensive, cruel, morally dubious option. I can see nothing to recommend it. It just seems no one is omniscient enough to decide when another shall die. And that burden is upon us, who create the laws.

And bring back the electric

And bring back the electric chair. Putting a needle in someone's vein so they simply go to sleep isn't much of a deterent for crime. Cruel to some people maybe, but how much pain and agony did many of those on death row inflict their victims?

none of the death penalty

none of the death penalty methods are deterrents. they have no impact on crime. in fact, many crimes have grown arithmetically since the advent of the penalty. as well, you seem to want to cause pain - hundreds of people who were executed in the way you recommend died as innocents. they were only exonerated later by DNA evidence. often, even though the state knows the person is innocent, they push the execution through anyway, because they don't want to lose face.
you solution isn't a solution - it stops nothing, but increases the death toll.

It stops...

one of them.... so the impact of crime is reduces by at least that. Also the tax payer isn't on the hook to feed and house the POS. Hundreds? Where do you get your "facts". You just sound like a bleeding heart to me.

Bring back the death penalty.....

Answer to guest1948

I feel sad of the pain and agony of the victims and their families. The state killing of the murderer cannot make this unhappend. Just causes another family pain and griefance.

You want to kill the murderer as cruel as possible? Then, you're not better than him!



poorly worded question

poorly worded question