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Do you think more gay athletes will come out now that Jason Collins has?

31% (59 votes)
6% (12 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
63% (120 votes)
Total votes: 191


On attaining something akin to "equality".
Anyone who thought there weren't any gay NBA players (Or any other major league sport) was crazy to begin with.
What Collins did was take the "unique-ness" out of it and made it somewhat normal. It's called acceptance.
Now Mr.Collins has a problem. Once you are accepted for your non-athletic endeavors you will now be measured by your performance on the court.
Honestly - has anyone of us ever heard of Jason Collins prior to this?
The answer is very few of us have.
Your "first NBA player to come out" has now morphed into "Okay just what has he done on the court?"
The answer? Nothing that makes me want to stand up and cheer.
Welcome back to mediocrity Mr Collins - your 15 minutes of "fame" just expired.
When you look at another human being as being equal - no matter the sex, the color, the religious beliefs and the ethnic origins then life changes for all concerned. No you don't become "one" - you become "you".
Just don't be shocked when someone says "Collins? Oh he was a second rate player who never achieved anything."
Fame is fleeting