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What do you think of the 'New Yorker' cover of Bert & Ernie cuddling over the Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage?

I think it's great
16% (151 votes)
I think it's awful
71% (665 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
13% (124 votes)
Total votes: 940

I don't have any problem

I don't have any problem with anybody marrying whoever they please. I do have a problem with any group publicly flaunting their views. I feel sexuality is more of a private matter.

what do you think

WWAY you need to report on more local news. If you choose to do the carolinas as you do what do you think about mecklinburg counties commissioner kim ratliffs comment? come on report this and not just a liberal agenda on the newyork times.


Sesame Street is pushing the edge of a very fine line. First the Elmo voice is a child molester and now Bert and Ernie are gay...? NOT appropriate for children's program.

I didn't know they were a gay couple

I had heard some rumors recently about Ernie though.

Does this mean that the Supreme Court's ruling also applies to hand puppets?