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Do you think the City of Wilmington should rehire a firefighter cleared of all charges against him?

93% (535 votes)
5% (28 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
2% (14 votes)
Total votes: 577

Job Back

He was cleared of all charges. He was held without bail until his trial which is unheard of and makes me wonder why. It is my opinion that the judicial system has some explaining to do. Is everybody where he was arrested held without bail? If not, then what is the criteria, and is it applied equally. The complaining witness was caught in a lie, have they been arrested and held without bail?

Once again, he was cleared of all charges. He is already trained and by all accounts was a great employee. The City of Wilmington should not continue to align itself with the others that have conspired to violate this person’s civil rights. Terrible decisions should not be amplified by refusing to admit a mistake was made. The city should admit they were wrong and fix this situation by giving this person their job back.

Robert Hester

Robert was held in Virginia with no bond because he knew no one in Virginia. He is not a resident of Virginia. He was on vacation. I was there for one bond hearing and the trial. I am OUTRAGED on so many levels....1) This man spent almost 5 months in a jail in a city and state that was not his own FOR SOMETHING HE DID NOT DO; 2) this "victim" is a straight out LIAR and has set women back years...ANYONE that has been assaulted should be very angry...and 3) how many people are sitting in a Virginia prison because they are was truly amazing what the Fairfax County Virginia law enforcement and DA's office tried to do to Robert...there was NO INVESTIGATION done..remember, I was there...they took her word for everything..from the moment the DA started opening statements what she said was a lie and was EASILY proven by the "victim's" own emails...even AFTER her lies were revealed to all the DA continued to try the case and tried to convince the jury that the accuser was such a "credible witness"just a word of advice...if you are ever arrested PLEASE Excercise your right to remain silent and ask for an attorney...the way FairFax County VA turned everything around and spun it was interesting to say the least..I used to believe you must have something to hide if you didn't talk...NOT ANYMORE...protect your rights...Now...for this accuser...please please call the VA attorney General and the Fairfax County DA's office to demand justice against this woman..and I Do say "woman" loosely...there HAS TO BE REPERCUSSIONS for this lying "victim"...