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Who should pay for Wilmington's 4th of July fireworks?

The city
19% (83 votes)
Downtown businesses
9% (40 votes)
Corporate sponsors
19% (83 votes)
A combination
41% (179 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
11% (48 votes)
Total votes: 433

How About Passing the Hat?

Why not make this a voluntary thing where people who want to chip in can?

I have no interest in fighting the masses to see the 10 or 15 minute fireworks display, but I understand there are plenty of folks who enjoy it enough to make the effort. Why not have some fund raisers and let the people who want to have it chip in? In the grand scheme of things, you aren't talking about much money, and they could probably raise more money that way than the 30 grand that they're forcing all of us to contribute to now.

The Question Should Have Been.......

The question should be who should NOT pay for fireworks. The answer would have been simple. I do not want MY tax dollars spent on something that is not the responsibility of the government. I've never been and probably never will. Therefore, why should I have to pay?

Wilmington Observer


I think the good taxpayers of the City of Wilmington should foot the bill. They don't care about paying a little more. After all, look who they vote for. Thanks in advance. I'll enjoy it and head back to Brunswick County afterwards.

july 4th fireworks

It's a shame this should be a topic of conversation let alone a news headline. Many children, including myself as a young child look foward to the fireworks, similiar to Christmas. If the city can afford, new patrol call,river front parks, and unnecessary technology. Here's a suggestion, use confiscated drug money,repossed vehicals that go to auction, or have the film industry pay. Better yet have Brian Berger pay cause this is just as comical as his employment.


Did the taxpayers pay for your Christmases?

School kids chipped in and donated their change to bring the battleship to Wilmington. I think grownups who want to have fireworks displays could learn a little something from that - gather up your pennies and dimes and pay for your own fireworks.