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North Carolina cashes in on the Clunkers program

North Carolina ended up being one of the most popular states for the Cash for Clunkers program The transportation department said the program generated nearly 700,000 new car sales and came under the $3 billion budget for the month-long program. North Carolina submitted over $156 million worth of vouchers. That is the 3rd highest amount behind Colorado and Utah.

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Reply to Guesttime

If we are to think like WORLD CITIZENS, then why do you down Mexico.You praise the Germans for their skills in building cars but down the Mexicans for their skills. I would think about that before I said anything. That`s not very "worldly thinking" is it.Everyone should be thanked for their efforts in trying to keep up with such a demanding population such as the one we have here in the USA.

Reply to Guest1965

Wow. Did you even read my post?? I was not putting down Mexican production at all. I said I had thought I was patriotically buying an American-made vehicle, but it turned out to have been made in Mexico. This was in 1991, when a lot of us were not really aware that US manufacturers were shifting to foreign countries (except for textiles, which we Did know about). As to the Germans, I wasn't even talking about German-made cars. Never owned one. I was referring to the fact that Germany is heavily invested in US companies on American soil. I have just recently become aware of how much of our country is foreign-owned, and was merely commenting on that fact, in case someone else might be interested. I spent 6 months living and traveling in Mexico years ago and love the country and the people. Your inflammatory reply to my post shows how some people will distort another person's views in order to justify their own limited cognizance. I stand by my hope that we will strive to think more as World Citizens.

And, if

you saw the National news, you know Nissan and Toyota led the pack in getting clunker cash. In fact, ABC reported Toyota, alone, accounted for 19% of the funds being distributed. Anyone wonder how Japan can announce so quickly it is coming out of their recession? This program should have been limited to the Big 3. American tax dollars for American industry.

Thats a bit of a leap

I seriously doubt a 1-3 billion dollar project ($19-$57 million to Toyota) would really lift a country out of recession. Their economy is much bigger than that. The real reason is that they don't have the biggest clown since Jimmy Carter in office and lets not forget the Congress and their "Special Interests" (aka themselves) passing massively devastating economic "reforms". It is so clear that they group that is in power now are either completely clueless or just don't care. There is no other reasoning option left.

Limited to Big 3? No way!

Japanese cars get 60 mpg now! The point of the program was to make a dent on global warming, not prop up uncompetitive, "last century" businesses that can't innovate. The best thing that could happen is that they get bought out by Nissan and Toyota so real innovation can then be an option in domestic transportation purchases.


global warming was one of FOUR goals of the Clunker program. The others had to do with stimulating the economy and getting people back to work. The Japanese did not need stimulus money to get their vehicles sold.

unwanted cars

The Cash For Clunkers program surely saved a few dealerships. Haven't you noticed all the empty car lots around the area? Maybe the Big 3 will take notice of the type of cars that Americans want now. My cars back in the '60's through the mid-80's got better gas mileage than most do now. And they were big, heavy beasts. I was proud to buy USA when I bought my new Chevy truck in 1991...until I found out it was made in Mexico. I researched for a couple of years before buying a new car in 2007. Bought a Toyota, made in USA. Glad I did, too, it's a fine machine. American business has been complacent for too long, and we've put up with it. We still believe that we are The Best In The World at everything. I am so tired of hearing about Socialists and Socialism. Quit trying to scare everyone. Our old system is failing. Corporations own our country now, is that Corporationism? Yes, many are foreign investors, such as Germans. We need to open our minds and think, as World citizens, not just react to threats to our individual cherished beliefs. Divided we fail.

Perhaps if the BIG 3 built a

Perhaps if the BIG 3 built a car that could compare in quality, we Americans might buy one.

Some are made here

So what would you tell the worker at Honda in Ohio or Alabama or Indiana? Sorry, your product doesn't count? How about the Toyota sites in Kentucky, Texas, Mississippi? I guess the Nissan sites in Tennessee, Texas or California don't count either? The fact that they build a better product at a cheaper cost because they aren't laden with fat unions should be cause to exclude them? Until the big 3 figure it out, they are destined for doom. Bob is well paid to put in four lights an hour even though he is capable of putting in 12 and will file a grievance if he is asked to do more. I usually agree with you Tom but not on this one. The fat 3 need to bust the unions and become competitive in order to survive. From the Toyota website: "In 14 manufacturing locations across North America, team members are producing 11 vehicles including the Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Matrix, RAV4, Sienna, Sequoia, Tacoma, Tundra, Venza and the Lexus RX 350."

Have to agree with guesty, Tom.

In addition to the tens of thousands on Americans that these companies employ, you have to consider the large number of Americans who invest in these companies. You also have to consider that one-fifth of the taxpayers buying new cars obviously wanted Toyotas. They should be allowed to buy what they want. ..but guesty, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for ANY company to take the smallest anti-union stance with the Socialists in power.

sorry guesty

you don't get it. The tax dollars generate profit which goes to Japan. This has nothing to do with who makes a more fuel efficient car. The clunker program is inflationary and adds to the national debt. If it was going to happen, the profits should have stayed in this country. That's my point.

RE: Everyone

When I first heard about this program, I thought it would be great for the auto industry. I figured that for sure they would be limiting it to the Big 3. The problem as many of you have mentioned is that most of the cars of the Japanese manufacturers are made here. WHat most of you are forgetting is that this was supposed to give the US economy a jumpstart. How could you limit a program to just american cars. Take a look at the window labels on all of them and you would be surprised. The other end of the spectrum is the employees of various car dealerships as well as owners (that are americans) think about the detriment that would have. My dealership is a Chrysler Jeep Dodge Mazda franchise. Between all of it we did 142 clunker deals with 72 being in the CJD side. The program was a pain in the tail, and has created a shortfall of inventory, and we are all glad it is over.

Some money still stays here

The folks that bought the new cars will all have to pay taxes on them, the folks employed by Honda, Toyota & Nissan will all get to go to work another day since their products are being bought. Since they get to go to work another day, they get to pay income taxes as opposed to becoming welfare recipients. Common is right that the unions will not be busted as long as we are catering to the Socialists. That is part of why the big3 are in the pooper.

..and here, I agree with you

It was inflationary and did add to the national debt. My earlier point was that the term "American industry" is a remnant from the ice age. We are truly a global economy and have to approach every business decision from a multinational view. We simply don't have the economic base to stand on our own any longer....not to mention that restricting the program to only American companies would likely have gotten us in hot water with the WTO.

Trailer Program?

Now if they would only do this sort of program for mobile homes (trailers). Trade your trailer for a more energy efficient house. LOL