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North Carolina Congressional race

READ MORE: North Carolina Congressional race
So far this week we've talked with an expert about what to expect from the presidential candidates. Today, we take a look at the two races to represent our area in congress. With more than four months to go until election day, Republican Elizabeth Dole is already spending big money reminding voters of her record as she seeks a second term in the US senate. And it's that money, perhaps as much as $10 to $15 million in this race, that could make it an uphill climb for Democratic challenger Kay Hagan. Political Consultant Susan Bulluck said, "For a state senator, no matter how popular, to raise that kind of money, that's going to be one of the deciding factors for her." But Bulluck says Hagan does have resources at her disposal. "Kay Hagan will have the backing of the national party and of everything the state can muster from the Democratic party," said Bulluck. Money aside, issues will also help decide the senate race. Bulluck said expect them to be much the same the presidential candidates will run on. "It will be those issues of how we're using our national revenue in terms of providing support for pocketbook issues," said Bulluck. On the other side of the capitol rotunda, Republican challenger Will Breazeale is standing between Democrat Mike McIntyre and a seventh term in the house of representatives. "I think every race ought to have a challenger. It's what keeps our democracy moving," said Bulluck. Breazeale, an airline pilot and Gulf and Iraq War veteran, has challenged McIntyre to a series of debates. Bulluck said, "I think Mike McIntyre has done a good job in the district. I think he would be very difficult to knock out." In a release today, Will Breazeale's campaign said Mike McIntyre will not agree to a series of debates. But this morning, the congressman told NewsChannel three he is willing to debate Breazeale.

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I don't mind a politician's

I don't mind a politician's religious preferences. What I do mind is this latest dig at Hagen, at the expense of her constituents who do not have any such leanings. Not a big fan of Hagan...but I don't think I can stomach voting for Dole at this point.

Batman Look Out!

Senator Dole looks like the Joker!


I agree I would not vote for Dole if she was the only on running. She has a personal agenda that does not include the state of NC. If you try to contact her office and ask for help on any issue; the answer is NO unless there are thousands. The calls made get thrown in the garbage. I say, don't make the same mistake as the last election. Dump her.

I'll Vote for Dole

I hope Elizabeth Dole carries the seat again. She has done a good job in representing our state, and more than ever we need balanced, seasoned representatives like Dole. I've had enough of NC corruption. And just remember, change can also be for the worse.

A Bush clone

Let us not forget she has voted for every program that George W has wanted. I believe she is part of the problem and not the solution. She is not even a NC native.

Wrong, "A native of

Wrong, "A native of Salisbury, North Carolina, Elizabeth Dole graduated with distinction from Duke University in 1958 and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She earned a degree from Harvard Law School in 1965 and also holds a master’s degree in education and government from Harvard."

Count me in too

Dole has represented the citizens of the state of NC very well. She has my vote as well.

I also agree. Contrary to

I also agree. Contrary to what one may hear in the media, The Republican Party isn't the only party with corruption and scandals. It's the party that receives the most negative coverage in the news. Local and state democtatic representivies are just as corrupt as any republican that has been in the news. It just goes to show the biased opinions of the news media and why the public has little confidence in them. The Republican Party has been smeared for the sins of a few. Why hasn't the same accountability been held for the Democratic Party? I hope Senator Dole will be re-elected. She has done a good job.

NC Has Democratic Corruption

The news media loves nothing more than to demonize and ridicule the Republican Party, and that's because probably 90% or more of the media are Democrats. So it stands to reason that they want to drum up votes for their cause. Unfortunately, this tremendous influence the media enjoys causes some voters to vote against their own best interests. In our great state the Democrats, who control our current state government, are the corruption stars. Dole has not only represented our state well, she is a corruption free zone in state politics.

Of course

The Dems only want to make everyone dependent on the government, and therefore voters for the Dems to make sure their food stamps and health care is taken care of. What about this is a mystery? It's enough to make me a Republican. And an environmentalist.