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North Carolina gets low scores for college affordability

An independent report says North Carolina does not make the grade when it comes to affordability. The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education handed out F’s for affordability to every state except California. North Carolina scored a B-minus for preparation and completion, and a D-plus for college participation. North Carolina's preparation grade benefited from having the country's highest percentage of high school students enrolling in upper-level math.

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Early College for High School Students

College would be more affordable if the state would stop picking up the tab for high school student s to come to SCC to play and do the “wild thing” in the woods. Some of the 14-16 year old are girls telling the boys, or should I say men on campus that they are 17 & 18. I thought they were to be supervised not running freely all over campus. They disrupt class by talking, playing music, bringing laptops to class discussing my space and face book in class while teacher is lecturing. By the way they get free tuition, books, lunch, transportation, laptops and free wireless internet for all the students state provides free with our tax dollars. Bad thing is they don’t appreciate it, I mentioned to the “kids” about disrupting class four of them said “It’s free if we fail it’s not costing us anything, we can just take it again next semester”. Some of us work full time, have kids, and attend college full time we cannot afford to fail, and take class again. I have children we do not get food stamps, and we do not have health insurance. They state says I get $ 6.00 a month too much to get help and they count our Pell Grant against students. I am sorry about the structure, and grammar of this blog but I have 9 minutes to type this and get to my next class. But I can’t afford a computer or phone for internet for my home so I have to do it between classes.

Early College Students

I totally understand your frustration. Much of what you are saying is true, unfortunately. As principal of the Early College at SCC, I would like to invite you to my office in A 224 anytime to talk. If you could tell me who exactly is making comments like those you mentioned in your post, I would happily confront them. We are pretty strict here, but we don't know what goes on in the college classes unless someone tells us. If you see any other inappropriate behavior, I would like to know that also. These kids have been given a gift, and for the most part they appreciate it. I would hate for a few "bad apples" to ruin it for the whole bunch since this opportunity means so much to their families. Almost all of our students are first generation college students and many of them do not yet understand exactly what is expected of them in the program. We certainly want to reach down to where they are and bring them up to where they need to be. The adult students in their classes have been so helpful with that, often encouraging them and even chastising them when they are flip about their classes. Nevertheless, they are 14 and 15 years old, and they do mess up. I would like to clarify that the funding for my students comes in large part from the Bill Gates Foundation and no early college student can displace an adult student from their classes. Also, there is no data to indicate that Early Colleges have caused any increase in tuition or shortage in services for other college students. So please rest assured that the program is to help people like yourself get an education--just at an earlier age, while they have more support to do it.

How ironic!

In this story we find this gem, "The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education handed out F’s for affordability to every state except California"..... ....and in the national news we find, "Schwarzenegger declares fiscal emergency in California." Could it be that when government insistes on playing Santa Claus it amasses a staggering deficit in short order? "I can't afford college, so the state has to pick up the biggest chunk of the tab, because I want to go to college!" When did we ever lose site of the true purpose of government? When did we decide that people don't have to pay their own way through life? How are we going to pay for the endless giveaways? Why can't we muster the backbone to stop the race to ruin, and tell the sponges that the gravy train has run dry? I shudder to think about the America my grandchildren will face.