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North Carolina has a shortage of dentists

Too many North Carolina residents either can not afford to visit a dentist or can not find one where they live, and health leaders are warning that the situation will likely get worse. The News and Observer of Raleigh reports that while there have been major efforts to increase the number of dentists practicing in the state, population growth has outpaced that work. In 2007, North Carolina posted its first decline in the ratio of dentists to residents, a ratio that already was below the national average. A report by UNC Chapel Hill shows that four of North Carolina’s 100 counties have no dentists. Five more rural counties have dentists who are at retirement age.

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the question is not the amount of dentists so much as it is the affordability factor. my husband and i have dental insurance but it pays for basic treatments such as fillings, xrays cleaning etc but if one of us needs a cap or crown it pays for half which means that we have to come up with around 400-500 out of pocket. this is what most dental insurance will cover for the average worker with insurance, unless you have exceptional coverage with your company or private coverage. where i used to live in another state, a group of dentists in my county got together and formed a clinic for those who could not afford or had no insurance. it was like a regular dentists office where you had to make an appointment and you paid on a sliding scale. if you could not afford anything it was free. when my children were small we took advantage of it because we could not afford the regular dentist and did not have insurance.


This is apparently quite the case because the number of people with bad teeth and bad breathe in this area is BAD! Then of course we have all the smokes with their decayed yellow teeth arguing to be able to smoke and spread their cancer cloud around for all to share.

Nag Nag Nag

Dude you Nag like a bad wife. Everything you respond to is negative. What a happy person you are. If you don't like it here move the heck back where you came from. They probably have bad teeth there too.

do what?

"we have all the smokes with their decayed yellow teeth" I smoke, I have beautiful white, decay free teeth and make sure my breath is nice.... I go to the dentist regularly. I have always had great dental insurance luckily. I have seen the dentally challenged people everywhere, not just here. Not everyone can afford care.

there you go again

there you go again, you really must have anger issues since you are always making unkind statements, every comment you make on which ever story it may be, you spill the hate, STOP

Response's a discussion board. If you can't handle it...don't read it!

There must also be a

There must also be a shortage on psychiatrist's assistance in North Carolina because you have missed your admission. Every single message is something smart and negative from you. A pray you realize life has a positive side and not all people and things are as bad as you make them out to be. Your comments are extremely rude and very unprofessional.

By all means

What comments do you have a problem with. Granted this one was meant entirely as a joke, not as serious commentary, but what ones do you have such a problem with?

Doesn't take a rocket scientist...

Real simple... Only ONE University in the entire state of North Carolina has a dental school. Therein lies the problem.