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North Carolina mom reports to Army with her children

A North Carolina mother, who reported for Army duty with her young children, will be discharged from the military. Lisa Pagan, shown with her husband and two children, was recalled to the Army four years after being released from active duty. She said she had no one to care for her children, so she filed several unsuccessful appeals. Monday she reported for duty at Fort Benning, Georgia with her children in tow. It is not yet clear if Pagan will receive an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions.

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When you sign up for the

When you sign up for the military you sign a contract most people don't read there contract either because there to young and eager to join or either the recruiter is rushing them to sign. Within that contract you are to serve 4 yrs active duty and 4 yrs as a non reservist. I served my 4 yrs in the Navy and loved it met my husabnd and had 4 kids I have 4 mths left on my contract as a reservist if they call me back in before the end of July I will have to serve the rest of my contract. What she can do is show that she has nobody to take care of her kids her husband has to be disabled in order for her to get out of the contract.

And here is the other perspective....

Today, after raising 3 children, I find myself once again mothering toddlers. My son is serving in Iraq and his wife, after being out of the Army for over 2 years, received the same notice to report as part of the ready reserve. She reported earlier this year and today my 2 granddaughters live with me. I am over 50 years of age, work full time+ and now am mothering 2 beautiful little princesses while their parents fight for freedom which allows the rest of us to speak our mind and say "no" when we don't feel like fulfilling our duty. Do my son and daughter-in-law miss their children - everyday. Do their children miss them - oh yeah! But, they also gets lots of TLC and love spending time with Grandma, aunt, uncles and cousins while waiting for Mom and Dad to return home. They know Mommy and Daddy are at work fighting bad guys and helping children. They talk to Mom and Dad when they can call home. Along with Mom and Dad, they are my HEROES!! I am proud of my son and daughter-in-law and fully support their obligation to our Military.

Army should have released her

After being out for 4 years and with two young kids the Army should have release her from activate duty. I don’t care about the contact you said she signed. At some point you have to break the ties. I have been out for 30 years should I have to go back in?

matter of principal (that you lack)

So you don't care about a contract? Probably means your word isn't worth much if you would fight not to do what you agreed to do. I hope you pay to have your trailer remodeled and the contractor takes your money and runs. Then I guarantee we will hear you screaming about the signed contract you had with him. I sure do hope you are not in business. You ask if you should go back in? No, your time is up and fulfilled. Hers wasn't. Very simple.

I have to ask you didnt this

I have to ask you didnt this person sign the same papers that the mother in question did? Why do you not hold this Grandparent accountable for the same obligatons as you do this young mother? Ill also ask you too if you support this war and want to defend this pointless situation then you should forsake your daily activity with your friends and family, let go of your valuable internet time and go enlist. You go and leave this lady alone..... The ARMY let her go so they didnt really need her to begin with.

When they signed up they

When they signed up they didnt think WAR? Isnt that what our military is mainly to do? I think this lady is getting a lot of bull about nothing. She took her kids and reported for duty she didnt cut and run. She felt like she couldnt get care for her children and brought them with her only after asking the service to reconsider. Upon her reporting they dismissed her,,, apparently the service felt it was more important for her to be with her kids then be there.

There is no draft in the US.

There is no draft in the US. This woman enlisted of her own free will. She signed a contract. She knew the stipulations. She knew about recall. How many parents over in Iraq and other parts of the world wish they could just stomp their feet and get sent back home? Whether or not she wants to go to Iraq, no matter what her political views about the war are, she AGREED with her name on a contract to serve her country for a determined period of time. The military has a saying. If you needed a wife(husband) and kids, we would have issued them to you. I know people who have joined the service because they could not find other employment, for the free healthcare for family members with illness, for the educational benefits, I know one Marine who joined so he and his wife could have the children they wanted to have on the government dime, I have talked to people who had committed petty crimes and been given the choice of prison or the military. None of these people ever imagined when they joined that they would end up in a war. The closest we have had to a war was the first Gulf War and that was a joke. This is just further proof that you should not be in the military unless you are truly dedicated to what joining it stands for. And that means deciding before you join, not several years later.

soldier mom

I wonder how long you have to serve this country before it can serve you. She did her part, which I myself would not even think of doing,(I don't have the guts) so let her enjoy her kids and her freedom. She's earned it!God Bless THe Armed Forces, past, present and future!


don't know...ask the thousands that died to free us from English rule! SHE DIDN'T DO HER PART..she cut and run...which I guess goes hand in hand with our leadership anyway....HEY now that I think of it...if the Commander in Chief is a pansy...I guess that just flows down to the troops under his command! Bottom line, she didn't do her part, she's hiding from her responsibilities.

soldier mom

We let's just make everyone in this country enlist and do their part for this country! You first, since you like throwing stones. I have had uncles and sisters and one daughter serve in the armed forces,all did their part,three survived, two didn't. What more do you want?


I have TWELVE YEARS under my belt. Thats JUST IT..NOBODY HAS to CHOOSE to enlist and sign an CONTRACT to serve. As far as I'm concerned...EVERY 18 year old male should be required to do 4 years...they surely aren't learning to be MEN at home!

Being a great parent is a

Being a great parent is a very honorable thing. Life changes for everyone, as do job's and other things.Everyone is harping on what she knew when she enlisted or fullfilled her obligation and moved on from the service. I think under our countries circumstances I can see why she didnt want to go back. Maybe she isnt as proud anymore. Alot has happened. I would also like to say if so many of you think its wrong for her not to go then why dont you take her place?


I thanks necessary! I didn't whine and complain...I just DID! OF course my honor and promise means something to me...most peoples word aren't worth SQUAT these this individual shows.

I cannot believe you people.

I cannot believe you people. This woman loves her children, how dare you condem her for not wanting to go to a war stricken hell and put her life on the line for a bunch of pansies that force our AMERICAN men and woman to fight there pointless battle. I think she has all the right in the world to not go. Who cares what she signed up for however many years ago? Her life has changed and she no longer wants to defend this country. That's her right just like youres and mine. A disgrace to the ARMY ? You have to be kidding me I think its about time someone actually stands up to your ARMY amd sets the record straight. Our troops need to come home,this country buts into everyone else issue's and dosent ever handle the internal issues in our country. So good for her and I commend her on being a wonderful mom, who cares if she gets a dishonorable discharge? Im sure she dosent, being the wife and mother she is , thats HONOR enough.

Exactly, who cares what youve signed up for...

should have seen this coming from the liberal side of Wilmington... Who cares right? Who cares that you signed something that says you agree to pay your mortgage or car payment, right? Who cares that you signed a piece of paper saying youd pay a doctor for work hes done, a mechanic whose done work on your car or a contractor that agreed to fix your house. right? Yea, just sit around and wait for the government to take care of it right? But Ill bet youll want the military (those other people that signed up and are fulfilling their obligation) to save you when someone invades this country. The woman signed up and knew what the details were, END OF STORY!


You have NO IDEA what the military is have NO IDEA about democracy...just go stick your head back in the sand like most Americans and let the REAL men and women do your dirty work.

Then she shouldn't have

Then she shouldn't have signed up for the Military in the first place

I can see

both sides to the story. On one hand, she is a mother and the children are her responsibility. As a mother myself I have sacrificed jobs in order to ensure my children are cared for properly. However, she signed up for the Army and when she did she KNEW that even when she was discharged she could still be called back. When men and women are no longer serving on Active Duty they become Inactive Reservists. This means they can get called back at any time. This is part of their contract. She's had plenty of time to make arrangements for her children. There has to be some family members or friends who would be willing to help out! As one poster stated, we don't know the whole story therefore it would be difficult for us to pass judgement. However, she and her husband knew the deal and they have by all appearances gotten away with extorting the US Army!


Wake up everyone. Having children is YOUR decision. Abstinance is the only birth control that works 100% of the time. No concessions, no bending the rules. Don't join the military if you can't fulfill your obligations. Male, female, gay, any race, etc...

Disgrace to service uniform

People like this are a disgrace to the soldiers uniform and the United States. When you join the U.S. Army, you sign a contract agreeing that you can be recalled. No one wants to go to war. No one wants to leave their family. Her deployment would have been under 14 months. The father could have sacraficed his trael job for that time, the kids could have gone to one of the sets of grandparents. Instead she took the easy way out and used her kids as a pawn. I hope she can wear a dishonorable discharge with pride. I bet the CO and NCOs at Benning did not appreciate that stunt very much but neither should the Amercians wh HAVE given up their children, jobs, etc, to go fight and preserve our freedom in a war we shouldn't be in. You can tell she was never a United States Marine.

Her husband was also in the

Her husband was also in the military. That is where they met. Since she says she had to stay here to take care of the kids, the Army should say, no problem, your husband can go in your place. I also wondered what the fact that the families lived in a different state had to do with their inability to care for the children since the husband supposedly travels for business. It's not like he would be coming home to see them right? She could have been stationed here somewhere and someone else sent. I know parents who are on their third and fourth tours. This woman is just afraid to go back. She should have thought of that before she signed up.

Didn't she have over a year

Didn't she have over a year to rectify the child care issue and chose not to.

Let the moms out of the army

how hard is it to make a phone call and if the female member has young kids-release her from hard is it to make a phone call before bringing someone in to the ranks after 4 years out ? this military isn't obamanation, we need to see common sense in one part of our nation that truly matters--- the usa military, or we are all doomed...get it America ?


BECAUSE...that's NOT how it works...I can tell you have NO CLUE what the military is about...just sit back and let them defend your right to do's what she's doing!


a military veteran...first this woman, and I use that term loosely, has dishonored the Army. Second, she signed a CONTRACT with the United States Military that she understood the terms of her enlistment. Those terms included recall! She most CERTAINLY should get nothing more than a general discharge under other than honorable conditions for this! If I were her commander...she would be sitting in a cell right now...PERIOD!

You sir, are a terrible

You sir, are a terrible human being. Period. Nothing left to say.

Pray tell

what makes me a terrible human being? The fact that I served, not one, not two, but THREE enlistment periods? TO THEIR FULLEST...not only that, I got RECALLED MYSELF...did I WANT to go...heck NO...I had gotten comfy in my civilian life with a great job...but whether I WANTED to go or not wasn't the was my DUTY to PROMISE to my country to I went and I served to the absolute BEST of my abilities even though I might not have wanted to troops depended on me, my country depended on me....My country means MORE to me than my family Bub!....Without family might as well be dead as without isn't worth living...Don't expect you to understand that...your just lucky there are people like ME who GET IT!

There is a lot more to this

There is a lot more to this story than is being reported here. This lady is married but her husband travels in his job. He does not want to change positions in order to stay home and take care of the kids. There are two sets of grandparents, one up North and one in Texas. The only reasoning she has given for not letting the grandparents take the kids is because they live so far from NC. I can understand not wanting to go back to Iraq, but when you join the military, you know up front that they can recall you even after you get out and you are expected to have arrangements in place if you get called up. It was just reported that she will be discharged, however I know personally two single parents whose family members are caring for their children because they were called back up. It's nice that she got the situation resolved but the law should be followed evenly.

I'm glad she gets to stay

I'm glad she gets to stay home with her kids. I bet there are alot of men in the military that would like to do the same thing.

Easy Out for Parents

The Army has a long standing policy of requiring parents to file a dependent care plan for their kids in the event of deployment. If a parent does not provide a depended care plan and they are given deployment orders, the Army is faced with a decision, deploy the parent and assume responsibility/liability for the dependents or discharge the service member. As far as I can tell the Army has never done anything other than discharge the service member. It makes perfect sense. Can you imagine how many law suits would be pending against a military that essentially took children away from their parents and then bad things happened to the dependents?