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North Carolina sales tax increase Tuesday

One bill already on the books will affect our wallets starting Tuesday. The state's sales tax goes up a full penny Tuesday, bringing the total rate charged in most counties to 7.75 percent. At the same time, cigarettes, beer, wine and liquor will have higher excise taxes. The higher taxes are part of $1billion in new revenues the legislature and governor agreed upon to balance the state budget.

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taxes up, paychecks down

Meanwhile, Federal employees get a 2% pay increase, Teachers get a 2.5% increase, and other State employees get NOTHING!! On top of having 1/2% of our pay taken away last year. How the heck do you expect us to pay all these taxes???

At least you're not a New

At least you're not a New Hanover County employee! Then you'd be dealing with a 4% REDUCTION in pay! Increases? No pay raise? I'll take that any day over what we've been dealt.

pay decrease

i can relate to a decrease in wage. north carolina regulates the pay of servers in the food service industry, and for some god unknown reason our pay was cut from $2.48 an hour to $2.14 and hour when minimum wage was increased to $7.25. that means that any server working anywhere that is not family owned is making nothing if not for tips that customers leave and we all know with times as bad as they are now, most of us single moms and students in the business are struggling everyday just to pay bills and feed our kids. who know what can be done about this. pizza delivery drivers make tips just like we do, but they get paid minimum wage..... if anyone knows where i could go to help our situation please let me know.

"The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy"

I can't afford anymore of this.... How do they expect an economic recovery if we're all broke? Yet again, more counter-productivity from our government.

Sales Tax increase

A bit more notice that it was definitely going through would have been nice in order to make some larger purchses before it went into affect!

Wake up and stop this insanity!!!!!

You pay 23 percent tax embedded on every thing you buy with your taxed money and then you pay sales tax on the embedded taxes. When they tax the rich it's those of us at the bottom that pay those in the products we buy. It is Time for change!!!!!! It's time for these people to be in the private sector.


in a state that has state income should be a CRIME to charge sales tax...its DOUBLE TAXATION..plain and simple!


cannot make this crap makes me SICK and embarrassed as a North Carolinian AND a US Citizen..that we just keep on putting up with this crap! DING DONG...DING DONG..>WAKE UP AMERICA!

Raise Taxes

They where not smart enough to figure out how to cut waist and spending, so they just raised our taxes during an economic downturn. That was a whole lot easier for them.

More Money

That is right. Lets give them more money to waste.