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North Carolina scores nearly all F's in new anti-smoking report

RALEIGH (AP) -- North Carolina scored nearly all F's in the American Lung Association's new report on anti-smoking initiatives. The 2007 State of Tobacco Control report released Thursday flunked the state for its low cigarette tax of 35 cents a pack, which is the seventh lowest tax in the country. North Carolina also received an F for spending on tobacco control programs. The almost $19 million the state plans to spend this fiscal year is less than half recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. North Carolina also got an F for its smoke-free-air legislation. Although smoking is banned in state government buildings, there isn't a ban for private workplaces. The state was also penalized for not allowing cities, towns and counties to pass smoke-free ordinances stricter than state law. The state scored a C for its laws restricting youth access to tobacco. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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What is the smoking policy regarding smoking at Home Depot in Shallotte, North Carolina? I am employee there being bothered by smokers with cgarettes in their mouthes while standing in my line. Jim Horn

Gosh Jim..... You work

Gosh Jim..... You work there,ask somebody.

Dear American Lung Association,

What part of, "we're a tobacco state" confuses you? Ever take the time to see how much money tobacco brings into this state? And before any of you sob-sisters start moaning about the healthcare costs of treating smokers, please realize that the true problem is your weakness, an inability to hold people responsible for their own lives. If insurance companies and governments simply refused to cover smokers for any pulmonary or cardiac illnesses, the issue becomes quite simple and where it should have remained all along. The same holds true for people who exist on pizza and cheeseburgers, and whose idea of exercise consists of walking from their front door to the car. When you develop Type II diabetes at forty and have your first heart attack at fifty, why should anyone but you have to pay for that kind of self-abuse? Let's face it - we're ALL reaching the same end-of-the-road. When we get there and the exact mechanism that gets there is inconsequential in the big scheme of things. It makes no sense whatsoever to spend billions every year treating smokers and lard-butts for the results of their own actions. Dying is just as much a part of life as being born.

F for Fantastic!!!

F for Fantastic!!!