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North Carolina to change its automobile inspection system

The state of North Carolina plans to change its automobile inspection system by requiring safety and emissions checks before an automobile registration can be renewed. The state now uses windshield stickers to indicate when an inspection is due and drivers have a separate deadline to renew license plates. Starting in October, the state will require that a vehicle owner gets an inspection before renewing license plates or getting a new registration. After the system is fully operational, vehicle owners will have to remember only one date each year.

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Our thing

Congratulations North Carolina's political cosa nostra. Now we have usless inspections for NC natives. Interstate traffic can continue to pollute for free. More regulations and fees. Salt water fishing licenses. They're discussing taxing us by the mile. Soon there will be a breathable air tax. NC state government are nothing but political goons. "A man with a briefcase can steal more money than any man with a gun".

safety inspections racket

All the scientific research and statistics in the past 10 years show safety inspections don't decrease accident rates, they are just an old boondoggle government program to collect money for the state, mechanics, etc. This new change in the law is designed to make it harder for private individuals to buy and sell cars, and to cause more inspections because now every time a car changes hands it will have to go through that rip-off immediately. I'll bet the car dealers are behind this new law change. Safety inspections are bogus!

I wish they would do away

I wish they would do away with the inspection all together. Many other states have done this, including South Carolina. Just a money making racket probably that if done away with would cause some bureaucrat's relatives to lose their cushy jobs. It really serves no purpose. Just get the drunks off the road and restrict cell phone use while driving if you want to make the roads safer.

Just pile it on the Police

You got a law for this; you got a law for that. When will it end? The cops got so many laws and things they have to enforce, then they have to answer calls for service when can they pull people over? People complain all of the time that they aren't doing their jobs. When will the people take responsibility for their own actions instead of the poor cop? We need to have a vehicle inspection sticker because someone will drive a POS down the road and cause a great big accident.