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North Carolinians disapprove of Governor Perdue's performance

More North Carolinians dislike Governor Perdue's performance in office than they did a month ago. The Conservative Civitas Institute polled 600 voters. Forty-six percent had a favorable opinion of Perdue in May - up two points from April. But the number of people who disapprove of the governor's job so far, jumped seven points to forty-two percent. Voters don't seem to like Perdue's decision to cut state employee salaries. Sixty-five percent disagree with the moved compared to just thirty-one percent who support it.

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To get elected this woman wrote checks her butt can't cash. Liar! This is what happens when uneducated people vote a straight ticket.


I don't see how i can support someone who brags about making education a TOP priority and then goes along with cutting my pay as an educator. She praised and voted for the education lottery for its ability to decrease class and now wants to cut teachers, and guess what, INCREASE class size.

Civitas as a source? Please..

You cannot, as a credible news agency use civitas as a measure for any performance of anyone outside of Senator Berger, Representative Stam and Rush Limbaugh...please, this is laughable. The Governor is doing well and will continue to. Thank the LORD we dont have that McCrory..or we would be surfs to his encampment of southpark cronies and charlotte elite. We, the REAL people of this state have TRUE representation to tackle the tough problems we face.

Gov. Perdue???

Governor? Is that you? What are you doing on a Wilmington website!

You're right. We shouldn't

You're right. We shouldn't use this group. Because the dissaproval numbers are much higher than they actually indicate. Of the people I've talked to the dissaproval is more like 90 percent.

What rock have you been

What rock have you been under? I want some of the good stuff you are smoking?


Who are the 31% who agree with cutting salaries for all employees? Must be people who never had to work a day in their life.

They don't

even mention her "working" vacation during her first 30 days in office, her raid into the Education Lottery Fund, her apparent inability to communicate with Lt Governor Dalton, or her inability to put together some type of plan to help the State's economy recover. Jobs are leaving by the thousands across the state; apparently she thinks Obama's stimulus money is the end all to cure all.

This isn't surprising. Not

This isn't surprising. Not one bit. However, just like every other politician in office, she doesn't seem to mind or care. And why should she? she knows that we the voters are never going to hold her accountable.

Gov Perdue Performance

Yes, and I believe more disapprove of her performance even more than the polls indicate. She does not have a viable plan to reduce spending, and favors tax increases at a time when NC cannot afford it.


Seems MORE PEOPLE needed to do their homework on this person than actually's time to rip control out of the democrats hands in this state!

Perdue: And....

What did you think was going to happen? She is horrible, always has been.


She will not be supported by Law Enforcement or by the teachers, and those are who elected her in the first place. You got us this time Bev, we will get you next time, see you in 4 years.

What a mistake

Its a shame the people of NC have to wait 4rs. It will take the next Governor 8yrs to fix all her screw ups!!!!!!